As the echoes of sneakers on hardwood fade for most cities with the close of the 2024 NBA regular season, teams now set their sights on the future stars of tomorrow. The upcoming NBA Draft presents a canvas for franchises to paint their aspirations, fostering hopes of championships with each selection made. This year’s NBA Draft class is buzzing with potential. As such, here is an in-depth look at the top prospects and the teams that might aim to secure their services. Each pick reflects a blend of team needs, player potential, and strategic fit. This could set the stage for a reshaped competitive landscape.

Here we will look at a way too early 2024 NBA Mock Draft: All 30 1st-round picks with regular season over!

1) Detroit Pistons: Zaccharie Risacher, JL Bourg

The Pistons kick off this mock NBA Draft by choosing Zaccharie Risacher. This 6'9 French wing offers considerable promise. Lately, Risacher has been a hot prospect, thanks primarily to his accurate three-point shooting. He also adds value as a secondary facilitator and fits the “3-and-D” profile well. His athletic potential and physical development hold room for growth. Risacher perfectly addresses the Pistons' need for a sharp-shooting wing.

2) Washington Wizards: Alexandre Sarr, Perth Wildcats

Alexandre Sarr combines remarkable mobility with his 7'1 height and 7'5 wingspan. He is immediately effective defensively in the NBA, with his ability to block shots and handle perimeter duties. His defensive prowess and potential offensive development place him as a top tier pick in this deep NBA Draft class.

3) Charlotte Hornets: Ron Holland, G League Ignite

Next, Ron Holland, a 6'8 wing from the G-league Ignite, becomes the Hornets' choice. Despite the Ignite's lackluster season and Holland's uneven scoring, he possesses the size and athleticism to be versatile in the NBA. This aligns well with the Hornets’ needs following PJ Washington's departure.

4) Portland Trailblazers: Matas Buzelis, G League Ignite

With a wealth of young talent in the backcourt and another selection at No. 14, the Trail Blazers opt for Matas Buzelis. He has shown glimpses of his high ceiling despite inconsistency in aggression and standout performances. At 6'10, he has refined offensive skills and shows potential as a shot blocker.

Team Detlef forward Matas Buzelis (13) of G League Ignite goes up for the game-winning shot over Team Pau forward Brandon Miller (24) of the Charlotte Hornets

5) San Antonio Spurs: Rob Dillingham, Kentucky

Nex, Rob Dillingham finds a promising fit with the Spurs, where the system can support his defensive and size-related limitations. Known for his dynamic scoring, Dillingham has demonstrated his versatility at Kentucky. This makes him a top-five prospect.

6) Toronto Raptors: Reed Sheppard, Kentucky

Facing an uncertain future, the Raptors should select Reed Sheppard. Although not initially seen as a top prospect from Kentucky, his shooting prowess and smart playmaking have established him as a significant player. This promises long-term NBA contributions.

7) Memphis Grizzlies: Stephon Castle, UConn

Stephon Castle's performance in the postseason, culminating in a national championship, boosts his NBA Draft stock. The 6'6 guard fits Memphis's robust playing style perfectly, with his defensive skills and potential to improve offensively.

8) Utah Jazz: Nikola Topic, KK Crvena Zvezda

Nikola Topic, a 6'6 Serbian point guard playing internationally, should be chosen by the Jazz. His injury might have affected his draft position, but his size and playmaking are ideal for today’s NBA. This will allow flexibility for other team members.

9) Houston Rockets (Via Nets): Cody Williams, Colorado

Next is Cody Williams, a freshman from Colorado, initially entered the draft discussions as a potential top pick. Despite a decline in performance, his skills and potential still make him a valuable choice inside the top 10.

10) Atlanta Hawks: Donovan Clingan, UConn

The Hawks should select the 7'2 Donovan Clingan from the Huskies. This is a strategic move to bolster their frontcourt and ensure robust pick-and-roll dynamics with Trae Young. Clingan, a two-time national champion, shows promise both defensively and offensively.

11) Chicago Bulls: Ja’Kobe Walter, Baylor

Facing uncertainty with Zach Lavine and DeMar DeRozan, the Bulls opt for Ja’Kobe Walter from Baylor. Walter’s advantages are clear: he’s tall, athletic, and excels in three-point shooting. He also leverages his length defensively. However, his recent performance dip and defensive lapses raise questions about his consistency. Despite these concerns, his youth gives him the edge over other available players.

12) Oklahoma City Thunder (Via Rockets): Kyle Filipowski, Duke

The Thunder, aiming to enhance their floor spacing, select Kyle Filipowski. He is the 7'0 Duke sophomore with commendable perimeter skills. Filipowski's improved shooting and defensive agility this season suggest he could be an NBA Draft steal for the Thunder.

13) Sacramento Kings: Dalton Knecht, Tennessee

Dalton Knecht's stellar performances have caught the Kings' attention. This makes him an exciting pick at 13. The 6'6 wing has proven himself with standout shooting and electrifying dunks. Sure, his defensive agility needs improvement. That said, his offensive prowess and cutting ability make him a valuable addition.

14) Portland Trailblazers (Via Warriors): Tidjane Salaun, Cholet

Next, the Trail Blazers continue their focus on potential-rich wings by selecting Tidjane Salaun. His 6'10 frame and sharpshooting mirror traits of established NBA players. While still considered a developmental player, Salaun’s performances suggest he could progress faster than expected.

15) Miami Heat: Isaiah Collier, Southern California

Isaiah Collier joins the Heat as their best option at pick 15. Despite some skepticism about his game, it’s premature to dismiss his potential. The 6'5, 210-pound guard brings size and athleticism. Those are crucial for a Heat team known for valuing such traits. Collier will need to refine his shooting and reduce turnovers to solidify his NBA prospects.

16) Orlando Magic: Jared McCain, Duke

Jared McCain's impressive freshman year at Duke was marked by consistent performances and excellent three-point shooting. This makes him an ideal choice for the Magic. His defensive capabilities further enhance his profile as a “3-and-D” player.

17) Toronto Raptors (Via Pacers): Yves Missi, Baylor

Yves Missi's rapid rise in NBA Draft projections makes him the Raptors' pick. The 7'0 freshman from Baylor brings mobility and immediate defensive impact. He should fit well into the modern NBA as a shot blocker and efficient pick-and-roll participant.

18) Los Angeles Lakers: Devin Carter, Providence

Projected to the Lakers due to a strategic pick deferment by the Pelicans, Devin Carter from Providence is selected for his defensive prowess. Although not the quickest, his physicality and hustle are reminiscent of Jose Alvarado. Carter's potential as a rotational player looks promising given his ability to adapt to a defined role.

19) Philadelphia 76ers: Kel’el Ware, Indiana

The 76ers pick Kel’el Ware to potentially share the court with Joel Embiid. A 7'1 sophomore transfer at Indiana, Ware’s athleticism and shot-blocking are his standout features. He should fit well within the 76ers’ scheme.

20) Cleveland Cavaliers: Tyler Smith, G League Ignite

Next is Tyler Smith, a 6'10 forward known for his smooth shooting and agility, should go to the Cavaliers. Yes, he needs to define a unique skill to climb the NBA Draft boards. However, his versatility could greatly benefit the Cavaliers’ lineup.

21) New Orleans Pelicans (Via Bucks): Zach Edey, Purdue

Zach Edey is a 7'4 behemoth. He defies the traditional limitations of big men without perimeter skills, thanks to his overwhelming production. Averaging 25.2 points, 12.2 rebounds, and 2.0 blocks per game, Edey's standout 37-point game in the national championship highlights his potential. If he can leverage his size and shot-blocking to compensate for his mobility issues, he could intrigue many NBA teams.

22) Milwaukee Bucks (Via Pelicans): Kyshawn George, Miami

Kyshawn George, a 6'8 guard, has surged up draft boards with his combination of playmaking and sharpshooting. His emergence in conference play despite a fluctuating role on a stacked Miami team solidifies his draft prospects. George's versatility and late rise make him a compelling pick for the Bucks.

23) Phoenix Suns: Bobi Klintman, Cairns Taipans

After leaving Wake Forest for the NBL in Australia, Bobi Klintman catches the Phoenix Suns' attention with his versatile skillset as a 6'9 combo forward. Known for his shooting touch and ball-handling abilities, Klintman could climb the NBA Draft boards with strong performances in upcoming private workouts or the combine. The Suns are drawn to his potential and adaptability.

24) New York Knicks: Tristan Da Silva, Colorado

Next, Tristan Da Silva impresses with his solid shooting and defensive teamwork. However, his potential athletic limitations raise concerns about his fit in the NBA. Despite these challenges, Da Silva has demonstrated his ability to impact the game in multiple ways.

25) New York Knicks (Via Dallas): Johnny Furphy, Kansas

Adding a sharpshooting talent like Johnny Furphy makes sense for the Knicks. The 6'9 Kansas freshman has shown prowess beyond the arc and as a connector in playmaking. Furphy's decision on whether to return to school after the NBA Draft process will be pivotal.

26) Washington Wizards (Via Clippers): Pelle Larsson, Arizona

Next up, Pelle Larsson embodies the ideal “3-and-D” role player with his three-point shooting, defensive commitment, and athleticism. Sure, his creation potential is limited. However, his fit into a specific role could make him a valuable asset.

27) Minnesota Timberwolves: Kevin McCullar, Kansas

Kevin McCullar is known for his defensive prowess with the Kansas Jayhawks. He should fit well with the Timberwolves' needs. His experience and size allow him to guard multiple positions, and his point forward abilities have been demonstrated through multiple triple-doubles.

28) Denver Nuggets: Ryan Dunn, Virginia

The Nuggets may find great value in Ryan Dunn. He is a standout defensive prospect with elite mobility and athleticism. Although his offensive skills are currently underdeveloped, any improvement could turn him into one of the steals of the NBA Draft.

29) Utah Jazz (Via Thunder): Jaylon Tyson, California

Jaylon Tyson's breakout season at California has boosted his draft stock. His size and scoring ability make him a versatile wing prospect who could initially play a “3-and-D” role but has the potential to take on more responsibilities.

30) Boston Celtics: Oso Ighodaro, Marquette

Lastly, the Celtics should select 6'10 Oso Ighodaro. He is known for his defensive versatility and athleticism. Primarily a pick-and-roll threat and strong around the rim, Ighodaro's clear role and skill set provide a solid foundation for contributing to any team that drafts him.