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3 areas Eagles offense must focus on for Week 13 vs. Jets after Giants disaster

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The Philadelphia Eagles have had a rollercoaster of a season so far. Heading into Week 13, they are coming off of their worst loss yet: 13-7 to the New York Giants.

Any loss to the 4-6 (now 4-7, thanks to the poor performance of the Eagles offense) Giants is a bad loss, but this one hit harder than EVER for Philadelphia. The final drive frustration with two dropped game-winning touchdown passes to Jalen Reagor sealed the fate of the Week 13 Eagles. Philadelphia’s defense was mostly solid, holding Daniel Jones and the Giants offense to only 13 points. But if the Eagles are planning on winning this week, there are a few areas that head coach Nick Sirianni and the offense need to focus on.

1. Focus on proof of success

There are multiple players in the Eagles’ offensive artillery that simply were not utilized enough on Sunday. One of these players is running back Miles Sanders. In the Eagles’ momentum boosting win against the Saints in Week 11, Sanders had 16 rushing attempts for 94 total yards. In Week 12, Sanders was handed the ball only nine times for 64 yards. With a total of 458 rushing yards in nine games, Sanders has proven himself capable of running the football for this Eagles offense.

The Eagles offensive coaches also overlooked the rookie target Devonta Smith last weekend. Smith, when given the ball, has proven to be a great addition to the pass game. Smith has caught for 686 yards and four touchdowns this season. His ability to avoid aggressive coverage has made the agile wide receiver a huge weapon for Jalen Hurts to utilize. However, Smith was only targeted four times in Sunday’s loss.

2. Pay attention to what doesn’t work

Prior to Week 12, it seemed clear that wide receiver Jalen Reagor wasn’t having the best season. He has 202 receiving yards so far this season. In four of these games, Reagor has recorded zero or less yards. With that in mind, why would the Eagles coaching staff think it was a good idea to call plays that target Reagor seven times? And in a must-win conference game? Why would Reagor be the end zone target TWICE at the end of the game? Wouldn’t the coaches realize that he wasn’t the best choice to attempt the final play, especially after he dropped the first attempt?

3. Listen to the players

While coaches think they know what’s best for the team, that wasn’t the case for the birds on Sunday. It became clear, especially after the game, that Devonta Smith should have been the target for Philadelphia’s final drive. After the game, HC Sirianni told reporters that Smith came up to him before the final play. Smith said he wanted the ball, which ultimately ended up going to Reagor (again) and being dropped (again). Instead of listening to the drive of the running wide receiver and rewarding it, Sirianni just praised Smith’s desire to want to make the big plays in crunch time.

There is something about young players that I have always admired. They have a drive to prove themselves, especially in their first year in the NFL. That being said, there is ZERO doubt in my mind that Smith would have made that catch and won the game if he had the chance.

In Week 13, the run game is going to be as important as ever. Half of the squad’s running backs did not practice on Thursday, but they need to work with what they have. Hopefully, Hurts’ ankle will not affect his personal run game. If I have any advice for the Eagles offensive coaching staff, it’s this: run the ball with what works, pass the ball to the players who actually catch it, and listen to your players when they are willing to make the big plays.