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3 best destinations for the Athletics if they leave Oakland

The Oakland Athletics are in a tough position as they look to get a deal done to stay in Oakland. According to the MLB, they have been working for about 4 years trying to get stadium plans approved. According to ESPN MLB insider Jeff Passan, the organization has asked for the proposed project to be voted on by the city council and there has been no progress. It seems like it will be tough to get a deal done so the Athletics need to look at alternative options outside of Oakland.

3. Nashville, Tennessee

Tennessee is a state that doesn’t have a baseball team and the Athletics would benefit from going there. It’s a relatively big market as it’s the 26th most populated city and already has a basketball and football team. The Memphis Grizzlies and Tennessee Titans both have seen a rise in fans and the Athletics could too if they decided to move here. The Titans play in the city of Nashville and have grown quite a fan base over the past few seasons. Nashville is known for having great music and would be a perfect atmosphere for the Athletics.

2. Montreal, Canada

Montreal, Canada used to have a baseball team in the Expos before they moved to Washington D.C. and became the Nationals. Bringing a team back to Montreal would be great for the Athletics as they would instantly gain support from fans in the area. Montreal has been included in discussions with the Tampa Bay Rays so they are obviously interested in bringing a team back to the city. If the A’s move to Montreal it would bring excitement back to the fanbase there and revitalize the market.

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Just last year was the Las Vegas Raiders’ first season out of Oakland. The Athletics would benefit from also moving down there due to the huge market and fan base. Nevada is a state with no professional baseball team and would be a perfect place to go. With so much entertainment in the city, it is a great market for any team that wants to relocate. Las Vegas is the most likely destination for the Athletics and it makes the most sense as well.

The Athletics have been a competitive team as they sit at first in the American League West. Any of these cities would be lucky to add a successful franchise that will continue to compete for many years.

If the Athletics are to move out of Oakland it would be the third professional team to move over the past few years. The Raiders left for Las Vegas and the Golden State Warriors relocated to San Francisco. It is clear that Oakland has been horrendous at making negations with professional teams and they will need to figure it out soon. While each circumstance of moving is different, Oakland still needs to figure out how to keep teams in their market.

If Oakland is unable to figure it out, the Athletics will be the next team to leave.