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3 Game of Thrones mistakes the Jon Snow spinoff needs to fix

Game of Thrones, Jon Snow, Entertainment

As great as the first couple of seasons were, Game of Thrones really messed up toward the home stretch. After eight seasons, the series ended in a place no one expected with Jon Snow killing Daenerys Targaryen, Sansa Stark becoming Queen of the North, and Bran Stark ruling over the Six Kingdoms, among others. This conclusion undoubtedly left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. The thing is, the rumored Jon Snow spinoff can fix the mess Game of Thrones left behind. We take a deep dive below at what needs repairing for the franchise if this spinoff sees the light of day.

3 mistakes the Jon Snow spinoff needs to fix from Game of Thrones’ disappointing run

Jon Snow, Game of Thrones, Entertainment

Give the White Walkers the story they deserve

The first episode of Game of Thrones started with a couple of men from the Night’s Watch dying at the hands of the White Walkers. Since then, their threat has been slowly built up to be the most important, one that can devour the Seven Kingdoms if they don’t unite soon. And with what happened in Hardhome in season five, a battle that showed how dominant these monsters were, they should have been given a proper story as the series inched towards its ending.

Sadly, that wasn’t the case when Game of Thrones wrapped up its final season in a lackluster manner. After eight seasons of showing everyone how deadly they are, the Night King and his armies were quickly dispatched, thanks to a timely catch of a dagger by Arya Stark. That would have been great and all but the motivation and explanation for how they came to be and why they’re trying to invade Westeros were thrown out the window, much to the fans’ annoyance.

If Jon Snow is given the green light for his own sequel, this mistake can be fixed. Have Kit Harrington’s character come back from Beyond The Wall and add an episode or two explaining what really happened to the undead. It doesn’t have to be big or another battle should occur. What’s important here is that the rumored Game of Thrones sequel needs to give the Night King and his White Walkers the closure they deserve, especially after how they were used in the final season.

The new Westeros

Game of Thrones ended with Sansa Stark becoming the Queen and the North seceding from the Seven Kingdoms. Her brother, Bran, sat on the Iron Throne and ruled over the Six Kingdoms, one without the North in it.

As expected, the revelation of Bran becoming the new king solicited mixed reactions from everyone. The same goes too with Sansa and her decision to take the North out and turn it into a separate nation in Westeros. While the decision itself doesn’t warrant all the hate out there, it could have used a proper buildup, as opposed to the abrupt ending that left fans with little information on this new setup.

A potential Jon Snow spinoff series would resolve this mistake and give everyone a proper look into the new Westeros. Since the whole premise of this idea is on Kit Harrington’s character, it only makes sense for him to come back from Beyond The Wall and return to Westeros. His return would give all the major houses time to shine and give fans enough time to see how the decision to separate The North from the Iron Throne’s rule has played out.

The death of Daenerys

Perhaps the bigger mistake than allowing the White Walkers to fade into obscurity is the manner in which Daenerys Targaryen died and the events that led to it. It can be argued that she was more popular than Jon Snow for most fans, making her conclusion all the more tragic.

After spending almost every season building her up, the show’s creators quickly led Emilia Clarke’s character towards a darker path without establishing any foundation first. That’s why most fans see her death at the hands of Jon Snow as a great insult. Much like every plot thread before season eight, the Mother of Dragons’ story wasn’t given much thought as the series rushed towards its ending.

And while Daenerys herself can’t come back anymore, the Jon Snow series can still resolve her story if the rumored series gets approved. The potential show can make her a big part of Kit Harrington’s character as the responsibility of killing the former queen still weighs heavily on his head. Even without Clarke playing the role, there will still be a lot of ways to have her in the show and resolve the untimely death that betrayed years of character work.

At this point in time, there is no news yet on whether the Jon Snow spinoff show will get the go signal. What is known, though, is that House of the Dragon is coming out soon and its success can help the former King of the North return. If that happens, the mistakes Game of Thrones committed above, and possibly even more, need to be fixed right away.