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3 moves the Dolphins must make during the NFL offseason


The Miami Dolphins had their struggles during the 2019 season, but they also showed some flashes of a team that is building towards a bright future.

With the steps they have made, it’s even more important they make the right moves to continue pushing their franchise in the right direction.

Let’s break down the three moves the Dolphins must make during the NFL offseason.

3. Sign a star defensive end

The Dolphins almost landed defensive end Jadeveon Clowney during the 2019 season, but he wouldn’t allow it to go through. The Dolphins are building a solid defense and getting a star defensive end would really help the team.

Yannick Ngakoue is a free agent, and although he is going to bring in a big contract, he is worth every penny. During his first four seasons, he racked up 35.5 sacks.

If they can’t land Ngakoue, they need to find someone who can be a difference-maker from that position.

2. Find the Dolphins’ franchise quarterback

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a fine quarterback but he isn’t the future of the team because of his age. The team made the trade for Josh Rosen, but it’s clear with as short of leash he had, the team doesn’t view him as a long-term option.

There are a couple of different routes the team can take to find their future guy under center. The team could sign someone in free agency like Marcus Mariota and hope a fresh start is all he needs to turn around his career.

The team also could use the draft to find the future of their franchise. They have three first-round draft picks, and even if they sign one in free agency, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use at least one of those draft picks on a quarterback.

1. Find a running back

After the Dolphins traded away Kenyan Drake, they really had trouble finding production from the running back position. Melvin Gordon is a free agent and would make a lot of sense he wanted to go to Miami.

The team also owns three first-round draft picks, and they could use one of those on a game-changer coming out of the backfield. Bringing in a running back to go along with a young quarterback and watching them grow together in the NFL would be a lot of fun.

Making these moves might not guarantee playoffs next season, but before long this team should be a contender again in the AFC.