Seahawks rumors: Jadeveon Clowney nixed potential trade to Dolphins because of Brian Flores
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Seahawks’ Jadeveon Clowney nixed potential trade to Dolphins because of Brian Flores

There was once a time when Jadeveon Clowney wasn’t going to be a part of the Seattle Seahawks in 2019. The Miami Dolphins pushed heavily for his services, but a deal never got done.

Why? A large part of that is because Clowney didn’t want to play for a rebuilding or non-contending team, hence the Seahawks and Philadelphia Eagles being his favored destinations. Another is that he didn’t want to play for head coach Brian Flores, who is a disciple of Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots

Long-time Texans insider John McClain of the Houston Chronicle recently wrote about the Texans’ quest to trade Clowney after he fell out of favor in their long-term plans, and included a tidbit about his discomfort at the prospect playing under Flores.

“Clowney also didn’t want to play for new Dolphins coach Brian Flores, who left New England for Miami. Clowney wasn’t interested in playing for another Bill Belichick disciple after spending five years with O’Brien.

The Texans gave the Dolphins permission to meet with Clowney, but Flores couldn’t change his mind.”

There were talks to send Clowney to Miami in exchange for left tackle Laremy Tunsil and a package of picks. But Clowney was able to decline a trade going through because he essentially had a no-trade clause — he didn’t sign the franchise tag, meaning he couldn’t be traded due to not being under contract.

Oddly enough, Pete Carroll was the head coach for the Patriots before Belichick arrived. That didn’t deter Clowney into wanting to go to Seattle, however, as once the Texans and Seahawks reached an agreement he signed his franchise tag.