This would surely create an interesting situation in the New York Giants' organization. Although they have Daniel Jones under center, he has yet to prove himself as a starting-caliber quarterback. Additionally, after witnessing the Carolina Panthers acquire Baker Mayfield, the front office might be considering a deal themselves. For that reason, we look at three reasons why the Giants must trade for Jimmy Garoppolo.

Jones' future is completely up in the air and it depends on his performance in the 2022 NFL season. It's likely New York gives him every opportunity to prove himself, as the franchise used an early first-round selection to acquire Daniel Jones. Even so, the Giants should still seek a trade for Garoppolo and secure some nice insurance in case things go south.

Doing so brings a little more stability to the quarterback room. At the very least, Jones could learn a thing or two from Jimmy Garoppolo as well. At the same time, if Daniel Jones fails to meet expectations, the Giants would have a veteran quarterback ready to take over. A move like this could keep the team competitive throughout the season.

With that said, here are three reasons why the Giants must trade for Jimmy Garoppolo.

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3 Reasons Giants Must Trade For Jimmy Garoppolo

3. Solid insurance for Daniel Jones

Let's face it, Jones is in a tough position right now in regards to his career outlook. The Giants turned down his fifth-year option and their season likely depends on his production. Based on what we've seen, Daniel Jones hasn't quite met expectations which means New York should highly consider bringing in Jimmy Garoppolo.

The current San Francisco 49ers quarterback would be a fantastic insurance piece for Daniel Jones, at the very least. If Jones plays well, then the Giants have nothing to worry about. However, if he fails to meet expectations or gets hurt, then Jimmy Garoppolo is right there to fill the void. The Giants could make a move similar to the Tennessee Titans when they traded for Ryan Tannehill.

2. Gives the Giants consistency at quarterback

Although neither Jones nor Garoppolo are the best quarterbacks in the league, at least we've seen the latter lead the 49ers to nearly two Super Bowl appearances. Additionally, Jimmy Garoppolo has proven to be a reliable game manager, which could greatly benefit the Giants' offense.

Considering Kadarius Toney has the potential of being a YAC monster, the idea of Garoppolo under center is intriguing. He would likely do a great job of getting the ball to open receivers while they run short to intermediate routes. If that's the case, the Giants' offense could become a consistent unit with Jimmy Garoppolo under center.

1. If Jones fails, Jimmy Garoppolo keeps New York competitive

For that reason, it's hard to imagine New York's offense failing with Garoppolo leading the way. The Panthers made a big move to improve their chances after trading for Baker Mayfield and the Giants should consider doing the same. Jimmy Garoppolo isn't the best quarterback in the league, but he could surely make a difference for this franchise.