San Francisco 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw is set to be fined for his highly publicized confrontation with Philadelphia Eagles' head of security Don DiSandro last week, according to a Saturday morning report by ESPN's Adam Schefter.

The incident occurred after Greenlaw slammed wide receiver DeVonta Smith to the ground during the third quarter of the 49ers' 42-19 win to the Eagles in Week 13. DiSandro entered the fray to break up the players amid an exchange after the play when Greenlaw hit him in the face.

Greenlaw was subsequently ejected from the game.

The NFL eventually issued a statement harshly criticizing the incident.

“Rules of the National Football League, and our Game Operations Policies, clearly prohibit non-player personnel — coaches, trainers, equipment staff, security officers, or others — from making physical contact with, taunting, or directing abusive or insulting language, toward opposing players,” the statement read. “Under no circumstances are club personnel to engage with or make physical contact with another club's player(s) or other personnel.”

The statement, sent to NFL chief executives, club presidents, general managers, and head coaches, was made public in a social media post by NFL Network's Tom Pellissero.

Both Greenlaw and DiSandro announced Thursday that they had apologized to each other for the incident.

“We just exchanged a formal apology just between me and some of the same people that we do know that in the building and stuff like that,” Greenlaw said. “He seemed like a genuine guy. Seemed like a guy that everybody loved in the building. So, I hate that, honestly. I really hate that it even escalated and went to that.”