Life moves quickly. One minute you're ripping a team for its offensive showing and taking a direct shot at a player, and the next you're interviewing for a job with the same team. That is the unique and perhaps awkward situation facing the San Francisco 49ers' newest defensive coordinator candidate, Dave Merritt.

The Kansas City Chiefs defensive backs coach served a critical role in the Super Bowl 58 victory over the Niners, as the Trent McDuffie and L'Jarius Sneed-led secondary kept the NFL's most dangerous offense in check. George Kittle was practically invisible in the pass-catching attack, Brandon Aiyuk was limited to just three catches (49 yards) and San Fran scored only 12 second-half points including overtime.

Surprisingly, Merritt pointed out these shortcomings last week while appearing on The Sports Shop Radio Show. The subject was the recent firing of 49ers DC Steve Wilks— who Merritt worked under on the Arizona Cardinals in 2018– which prompted the five-time championship-winning assistant to spread the blame.

“Their offense went 3-for-12 on third down,” he said, via Texan Live's Chase Snyder. “If you're tight end who is All-Pro {Kittle} only has one catch for four yards (was actually two catches), is that Wilks' fault? You could feed {Christian} McCaffrey all you want to, he needs help. And then, No. 11, who was trying to fight all game, Ako {Brandon Aiyuk}, whatever, I don't know, he only had 40 something yards. Was that Wilks' fault?”

It is unclear how aware head coach Kyle Shanahan and the rest of the 49ers are of these remarks, but Dave Merritt must have been cracking up inside during the interview. He is one of four known candidates for the vacant defensive coordinator position, with former Los Angeles Chargers head coach Brandon Staley and current San Fran assistants Nick Sorenson and Daniel Bullocks also being considered.

Few should be surprised by Merritt defending his former boss Steve Wilks, but landing a public jab on wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk is much harder to spin into a positive. If the Niners take his resume at face value and ignore this post-Super Bowl chatter, then he should have a decent chance at earning the job.

This could end up being a memorable story that gives Merritt, the 49ers and maybe even Aiyuk a good laugh. Or, it might be an unfortunate cautionary tale.