49ers news: Emmanuel Sanders motivating every wideout in San Francisco
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49ers WR Emmanuel Sanders motivating every wideout in San Francisco

Emmanuel Sanders, 49ers, Saints

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders has had a big impact on the field since being traded from the Denver Broncos but there can be an argument made that isn’t where he has made the biggest impact. Sanders has played seven games for the 49ers catching 28 passes for 407 yards and three touchdowns.

He has also been a great presence in the locker room and has motivated some of the young receivers like Kendrick Bourne who said he is impressed with the veteran’s work ethic.

“I watched Emmanuel Sanders growing up,” receiver Kendrick Bourne said via ESPN. “That’s what’s crazy about it. … He came in and made an impact immediately so us seeing that, it just motivates every wideout in the room more because there’s always competition every single day, even after camp. Having him go that hard, seeing it at the age he’s at, is amazing. So just taking all those traits is the best thing we can do as young wideouts.”

Outside of Sanders the rest of the receiver group is young but Sanders hasn’t been afraid to put a lot of pressure on them. Leading into their game against the New Orleans Saints, Sanders wasn’t afraid to let everyone know just how important the matchup is.

“I try to be here to be the voice of letting them understand why they feel the way they feel, because obviously, you get in those games and you’re like, ‘Man, this didn’t feel like Week 4,'” Sanders said. “Every single play matters and you’ve got to think that. … When you’re playing playoff football, [there are] no breaks in plays. Every single play you are trying to dominate your opponent, so we have to have that mindset from here on out if we’re going to do something special.”

The 49ers currently sit with an 11-2 record and control their own destiny in terms of the home-field advantage for the playoffs.