49ers tight end George Kittle sounds like he's having a wonderful offseason. He was recently in Rhode Island celebrating his teammate's wedding and had a new Netflix program release this week. He also revealed a hilarious anecdote about asking Travis Kelce's permission to enter Taylor Swift's house.

George Kittle recently appeared on The Rich Eisen Show. The pair talked about a wide variety of topics, including a fun tidbit about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

During the conversation, Rich Eisen asked if Kittle knew if any NFL tight ends have contacted Travis Kelce about scoring some tickets to Taylor Swift's Eras Tour. Kittle took that opportunity to tell a different Taylor Swift-related story.

“Well, so last week I was in Rhode Island for Christian McCaffrey and Olivia Culpo's wedding,” Kittle began. “Right next to the place we stayed was Taylor Swift's house, like her house in Rhode Island. I texted Travis and said ‘Hey I need to use the restroom, do you mind? Did Taylor leave a key anywhere?'”

According to Kittle, Kelce said that he could try to get in but “security's gonna get you out of there.”

Kittle was unable to give any news on the ticket front.

Kittle shares his thoughts on Brandon Aiyuk contract dispute

Eisen also asked Kittle his opinion of the Brandon Aiyuk situation. Kittle believes that everything will work out by the beginning of the regular season.

“If you look at my career being a 49er and the way that most of the contracts have gone, I didn't get signed until the second week of training camp,” Kittle said. “Deebo was pretty late. Bosa was the first week of the season… That's just how business is done out there.”

Kittle also shared his perspective on how he handles teammates who are negotiating new contracts.

“I actually go out of my way to not talk to anyone going through contract negotiations so when people ask me questions I'm like ‘I have absolutely no idea,'” Kittle said. “But I'm not concerned about it. Aiyuk is a phenomenal football player who is a big part of our offense…I'm going to assume that Aiyuk is on our team by time the season starts.”

George Kittle's huge praise of Brock Purdy should have 49ers fans excited

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle (85) against the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVIII at Allegiant Stadium.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

George Kittle also spoke with the media recently about his QB Brock Purdy. Kittle took the opportunity to praise Purdy for his command over a complicated Shanahan offense.

“He looks like the guy, which is really nice,” George Kittle said, via Jennifer Lee Chan of NBC Sports Bay Area. “He's in the building every day and is the same guy every single day, consistent. He's incredibly competitive. It's fun seeing him yell at guys when they don't hit their route depth or have the wrong landmark.”

Based on what Kittle said, it sounds like Brock Purdy has some agency within the 49ers offense. It is still a Shanahan system, but Purdy has been able to tweak thing here or there to fit his own preferences.

“He's taking control of the offense and making it his,” Kittle said. “It's Kyle's, and Kyle is calling the plays, but Brock is getting guys to do what he wants them to do, which is really fun to see.”

Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come for the 49ers in 2024.