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Jimmy Garoppolo reacts to ‘tough’ Trey Lance package with 49ers

Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers, Trey Lance

When the San Francisco 49ers drafted Trey Lance with the third overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the immediate talk was the rookie’s incoming quarterback competition with Jimmy Garoppolo. However, amid those discussions, one idea that has emerged is the possibility of the team employing a two-QB system.

Garoppolo admitted he has never been part of such system, but it seems he is open to it as long as it helps the 49ers, per Michael Silver of Sports Illustrated.

“I’ve never been part of that. I mean, if it could help the offense, help the team, I think that would be a good thing. I think when you get into that two-quarterback system, it gets tough at times, but we’ll see when we get there,” Garoppolo shared when asked the possibility of being subbed out in games for a Trey Lance package should he end up being the starting QB.

The 29-year-old signal-caller also shared some ideas on how the two-QB system could work. However, as he noted, it will be tough and will need a lot of time before they can do it perfectly.

“If you could do it third-and-short, red-zone, things like that… I think it could help your team a lot,” Jimmy Garoppolo added.

Sure enough, having a Trey Lance Package could give the 49ers’ offense a different dynamic. It could also give trouble to opposing defenses since it requires a different way to defend.

Nonetheless, the main issue is if both 49ers QBs in Lance and Garoppolo will buy in to the system. After all, being the starting QB is a whole different matter.