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Latest Trey Lance comparison to Josh Allen will have 49ers fans rejoicing

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Since Trey Lance entered the NFL last year, a lot of people could not help but compare him to Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. Both players are big, athletic, mobile QB’s who struggled with accuracy in college. Both of whom also have very big arms. But on its face, it sounds a little ridiculous considering the meteoric rise Allen is currently on. But on Tuesday, 49ers wide receiver and kick return specialist drew a comparison between the two quarterbacks that has nothing to do with their physical ability, as USA Today’s Kyle Madson captured.

“Every day he’s getting better, learning how to be a leader,” McCloud said Tuesday. “Not even learning, he has it already. It’s a natural thing with him. I came in with (Bills QB) Josh Allen and the Bills, and he gives me that same type of energy. That, ‘I’m ready to take the next step,’ energy.”

Lance certainly has some things going for him. First and foremost, he has a great offensive mind helping him in head coach Kyle Shanahan. He also has one of the best receivers in the entire NFL in Deebo Samuel, who just signed a contract extension. George Kittle is easily one of the best pass-catching tight ends in football. He’s also probably the best blocking tight end in the league.

The 49ers run game is strong every year. The defense is loaded, when healthy. So, the parts are there for Lance to prove he was ready for this job.

Allen improved every year and his accuracy improved dramatically. Trey Lance will be able to use his legs, but if he cannot hit open receivers downfield, it won’t matter. That’s where the rubber meets the road.