49ers news: Nick Bosa expected to play in Week 2 vs. Bengals
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49ers’ Nick Bosa expected to play in Week 2 vs. Bengals

Nick Bosa

Nick Bosa is the San Francisco 49ers’ shining hope on defense. He was able to play Week 1 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers despite still recovering from an injured ankle. This was another week of 49ers fans anxiously awaiting news of their prize rookie.

Fortunately for them, their watch ended as Ian Rapoport confirmed the good news about their defensive end’s health.

Bosa playing means nothing but positives for a team that is looking to build up their team one week at a time. It also means that Bosa is trending towards making a full recovery from his injury.

He showcased to the 49ers why he was worth the second overall pick they spent on him in the third quarter of their 31-17 triumph over the Buccaneers on their own stomping grounds.

He quickly lost his marker and quickly swiped towards the legs of Jameis Watson. It was a fantastic showing that showcased the speed the 6’4″, 266-pound defensive end possesses.

Bosa also revealed that he learned a lot after finishing his first NFL game.

“It’s just a different type of mindset rushing in the NFL compared to college,” Bosa said, per ESPN’s Nick Wagoner. “College, the ball is out. Pros, they might tuck it, like you just can’t assume that the play is over. You have to literally rush until you touch him every time.”

However, the ankle injury that he sustained during training camp is still affecting his performance one month later. The 49ers should delicately balance between letting him play snaps and giving him the amount of rest he needs to recover.

After all, his physical talents wouldn’t be of any use to Kyle Shanahan if he’s in the injured list.