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Report: 49ers have ‘real interest’ in Antonio Brown trade

antonio brown, 49ers

Jerry Rice hinted at it, and it just might come to pass: according to a new report, the San Francisco 49ers have a “real interest” in Antonio Brown.

According to NBC Sports, the 49ers “have a real interest” in the beleaguered Steeler, though it’s unclear how they plan on going about acquiring him.

“The contract remains a desirable one, at just under $39 million over the next three years, assuming Brown doesn’t want to go back to the trough after making $33 million over the past two years. And the 49ers seem to be desperate to load up the cannon and compete with the Rams and Seahawks.”

The outlet went on to say that the team was originally interested in Odell Beckham Jr., but he isn’t available. (He may have been available in 2018, however.)

As we’ve previously reported, football legend Jerry Rice believes that Antonio Brown’s move to the 49ers would be a great one, and he would welcome the opportunity to serve as a mentor to him if he does, indeed, move out to the Bay.

Despite his drama, Antonio Brown remains one of the best wide receivers in the game. If the Steelers do end up parting with him, it will work against them in the long run, as Roethlisberger isn’t a strong enough quarterback to carry the entire team (as this past season has shown).

The 49ers may make the move to bid for Antonio Brown at auction, however, as that’s the Steelers’ best hope for getting the most for him and recouping the loss on his contract.