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Aaron Rodgers compares himself to Bryson DeChambeau ahead of The Match 4

Aaron Rodgers, Packers, Bryson DeChambeau

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers opened up a bit during his press conference ahead of The Match 4, which features Rodgers and Bryson DeChambeau going up against Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson in a charity golf exhibition in Montana. Rodgers talked about mental health and how he has been using this offseason to get to a better place, even with his very public beef with Green Bay going on.

The Packers star also compared himself to DeChambeau, who’s one of the more polarizing figures on the PGA Tour. Rodgers sees some serious similarities between the two men.

Via ESPN’s Ben Baby:

“I think he’s often like myself sometimes,” Rodgers said. “I think he’s a little misunderstood with his own career. I’m excited for him to get the opportunity for people to see him, because I think he’s a great dude.”

Aaron Rodgers certainly thinks he’s misunderstood at this point given all the drama with Green Bay. He has been rather cryptic about his situation with the Packers, and that didn’t really change on Monday when he got all philosophic about the situation.

Nobody really knows how this situation with Rodgers is going to play out at this point. He has spent the offseason just doing his own thing and trying to get into a better state in terms of his mental health. We know he’s frustrated with the Packers, but we don’t know how far he’s going to take it. Would he actually retire? Just skip the season and try to return in 2022? We literally have no idea!

For now, Aaron Rodgers is going to enjoy playing with Bryson DeChambeau in The Match on Tuesday. We’ll see how he looks on the golf course and if there’s any drama. There will surely be plenty of hijinks with all these legends together.