Adidas is having a huge year on the NBA's signature sneaker front and they have players like Anthony Edwards, Damian Lillard, and Donovan Mitchell sporting some of their newest designs in basketball tech. Their most unique silhouette could arguably belong to Los Angeles Clippers star James Harden and with his squad poised for the Playoffs, adidas will keep pushing the shoes with three new colorways coming soon. Check out our Sneakers news for more upcoming releases and breaking content!

The adidas Harden Vol. 8 was first released in November 2023 when James Harden made his debut for the Clippers. He's been rocking the shoes ever since and has put together some crazy PE colorways on the court. Players like Oklahoma City's Jalen Williams have made the Harden Vol. 8 a go-to and we've seen the public take a liking to them as well with their sleek and futuristic design.

James Harden himself wanted an innovative design as a sequel to his Harden Vol. 7 and adidas' Senior Designer Jalal Enayah did just that. He wanted the shoes to be unmistakeable, much like Harden's game, immediately drawing a correlation to the player when seeing his shoes on the court.

Adidas has kept designs and colorways fresh, so it comes as no surprise to see three new editions on the way ahead of the playoffs. The shoes will come in a range of colors and no matter your team's colors, there's probably an adidas Harden Vol. 8 that can match accordingly.

Adidas Harden Vol. 8

The “Flamingo Pink” colorway will be the earliest to drop on April 15, 2024 and immediately bring the summer vibes with this vibrant colorway. Aptly titled after the hot pink upper, the shoes feature a bright orange boot underlay as the perfect contrast. We've seen James Harden rock these a few times in-game and the colors are almost blinding through the television screen. They'll come with a retail tag of $160 and will be made available in men's sizing on adidas.

This next predominantly white colorway dropped on April 1, 2024 but has recently seen restocks in various retailers. The colorway, titled “White Party,” is a subtle nod to Fanatics' Michael Rubin's all-white party that Harden (and just about every celebrity) attended in the past. The shoes are completely white with a steel grey underlay boot and accent along the outsoles. These are perfect for any team uniform and will always look fresh on the court.

Most recently announced were the adidas Harden Vol. 8 in a colorway titled “Blue Fusion.” The shoes feature a strong royal blue color through the boot underlay and feature an eggshell white contrast through the rubber TPU support. These shoes have been spotted already on numerous players in the NBA including Harden and these look like a perfect option for upcoming Clippers playoff games. They're slated to release on May 1, 2024 and per usual, they come with a tag of $160 and will be made available in men's sizing on adidas.

What do you think about the new adidas Harden Vol. 8 colorways? Have you hooped in these? Let us know!