Bills, Cardinals, or Broncos favorites for AJ McCarron
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AJ McCarron will likely go to the Bills, Cardinals, or Broncos after Tyrod Taylor trade

aj mccarron

Many believed that AJ McCarron would head to Cleveland for a reunion with Hue Jackson when free agency starts in a few days. But, with the trade for Tyrod Taylor, the Browns will have no interest in McCarron.


Instead, ESPN’s Adam Schefter seems to think McCarron is likely going to land with either the Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, or Denver Broncos.

McCarron is young (27), but even though he does not have a ton of experience (133 total pass attempts across ten games), he is held in high esteem by many evaluators. Of course, so was Brock Osweiler when he went to the Houston Texans a couple of years ago.

But any potential bust talk about McCarron has been very quiet (if there has been any). There are bound to be a few teams willing to take a shot on him. But, they will probably also have another potential starter in camp as insurance.

Assuming he is going to play, the Bills, Cardinals, and Broncos would all be great landing spots for McCarron. The Bills were a playoff team last season, and they can be one again this year with the right quarterback behind center.

With Carson Palmer retired and an offense full of talent, the Cardinals could be a quarterback away as well.

If the Broncos are going to acquire anyone, they are probably going to want a more proven player. Taking the time to develop someone will risk the window closing on their championship caliber defense. If the price is right, they may acquire McCarron and give him a shot. But, after sitting on the bench for four years, the Alabama product is going to want to play.