The Alabama Crimson Tide beat the Ole Miss Rebels on Saturday Night and avoided further scrutiny that their early season woes have brought. Head Coach Nick Saban, however, did not hold back his criticism of an unsuccessful play during the game. After blocking a punt, Alabama football had the ball on the one-yard line. Instead of taking a traditional running formation, the team lined up in a shotgun.

This was Saban's reaction, via Charlie Potter of On3Sports: “When it's 1st and 1 at the 1, why do you need to be in the gun?”

Everyone watching the game likely questioned the shotgun formation Alabama football was in during the 1st-and-goal situation. It increases room for error in this situation, and that is precisely what happened.  The first play resulted in a loss of 13 yards followed by two sacks. Instead of scoring a touchdown, the Tide had to settle for a field goal.

Given his reaction, Nick Saban would do things differently. It appears he questioned the motives of Offensive Coordinator Tommy Rees, who was responsible for the call. Rees is in his first year on staff after leaving Notre Dame earlier this year.

The season has not been perfect for Alabama football, and Nick Saban is aware of that. The Crimson Tide sit at 3-1 after losing to Texas on September 9th. The storied program has arguably the highest expectations in all of college football, so anything less than excellence is a disappointment. Despite failing to capitalize on the blocked punt against Ole Miss, Alabama came away with the win. It is unlikely the team will take shotgun formation on the one-yard line again in the future.