College football analyst Paul Finebaum was on the show called “The Source” where he defended the decision of the Alabama football team making the playoffs over the likes of the undefeated Florida State Seminoles. He said that the event should have the four best teams and believes the Crimson Tide are part of that according to

“In my mind, we should have the four best teams in America playing in the most important event,” Finebaum said. “And Florida State is not one of them.”

Finebaum would go on to refute that Alabama football head coach Nick Saban and the team as a whole gets “preferential treatment.” He called those claims “absolutely absurd” after the Crimson Tide beat the Georgia Bulldogs, who were No. 1 ranked in the country at the time, at the SEC Championship game.

“People want to use accusations like Alabama got in because Nick Saban and Alabama got preferential treatment,” Finebaum said. “I even heard that on CNN last night. That is absurd. That is absolutely absurd. Alabama beat the No. 1 team in the country in the biggest game of the year: The SEC Championship Game. OK, they have a loss. We’re all aware of that. They lost to Texas on Sept. 9. Where did Texas land? The No. 3 team in America.”

Furthermore, he would go on to say that Alabama's only loss in Texas, who is the No. 3-ranked team, is the “best loss of anybody under consideration.”

Finebaum believes Crimson Tide prevents a blowout in CFP

Alabama football depth chart, Nick Saban, Paul Finebaum

One of the reasons why the committee decided to go with Alabama according to Finebaum is that they want more competitive games unlike last season where Georgia destroyed TCU, 65-7. He said that without FSU starting quarterback Jordan Travis, the committee doesn't want to see a blowout.

“In the back of the committee’s mind, they didn’t want that to happen again,” Finebaum said.

The Alabama football team will aim to capture another national championship, but they have to beat another No. 1-ranked team on Jan. 1 where they'll face the Michigan Wolverines at the Rose Bowl. For Saban, it'll be his eighth national title if the Crimson Tide gets the job done.