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Among Us announces new map

InnerSloth, Among Us

Among Us is finally verified on Twitter. Developers InnerSloth celebrated its new certification with a quick teaser on an upcoming map for the social survival game. The upcoming map appears to be another space vessel but there are currently no substantial details just yet. Fans will surely be aching to betray their friends on the latest map. The announcement promised all future updates will be made available on the official Twitter account. Follow them on Twitter to stay on top of all the future Among Us news updates.


Additionally, InnerSloth hinted at possible updates to drop from the Game Awards Twitter on December 10. Currently, Among us has three playable maps making the incoming map it’s fourth overall. Updated game mechanics will also drop for the insanely popular game in the coming months. InnerSloth initially planned the creation of the game’s sequel but soon decided against it. New Among Us content and support will continue in lieu of a proper sequel. It’s welcome news to fans that the insanely popular party game will continue improving and growing.

The game’s success can be primarily attributed to the boom of party-style games this year. Players around the world confined in their homes looked for easy-to-play games with their friends. Among Us fit the bill perfectly with its easy-to-learn but difficult-to-master mechanics. Among Us consistently placed in the top 10 most-watched games on Twitch. This trend will most likely continue until we can finally go outside again. The only question left is if we’ll still be able to trust other people in the future.