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Mike Trout, Angels

Analyzing the home run statistics of Mike Trout’s career

As everyone knows, Mike Trout is good at baseball. Fans know that, the Los Angeles Angels know that and his paycheck certainly shows how good he is at playing the sport of baseball. Known for his all-around play as well as being just a really good guy, Trout’s prowess at the plate is carried out through the home run ball.

Across the entirety of his MLB career, Trout has hit 276 home runs in 1,171 career games. An astounding figure in itself, the Angels center fielder until 2030 due to his recent contract extension will see him potentially finish his career as a Halo, which would sit just fine with Angels fans.

151 of those 276 home runs have some sort of stipulation to them, but not like a Barry Bonds stipulation, only positives here. 5, 3, 35 and 108 all mean something to Trout.

The No. 5 represents the home runs he has hit in the leadoff role across his career, all done within a span of a month and 10 days during the 2012 season. Aug. 18 and 28, as well as Sept. 8, 9 and 28 all are days marked down that saw Trout hit leadoff bombs, including two in back-to-back games against the Detroit Tigers.

For the No. 3, Trout has hit a total of three walk-off home runs in his career, which seems quite low for the guy. Having hit two in 2014 (May 15 and July 4) and his most recent in 2015 (July 17), Trout seems to be way, way, way overdue to hit another game-ending bomb to send all of the Halo faithful home happy.

35 represents the number of home runs Trout has hit to tie games for the Angels, the most recent of which came on July 27 of this year, off Baltimore Orioles pitcher Aaron Brooks to tie the game at two apiece.

Finally, 108 represents the number of home runs Trout has hit to put the Angels out in front, showing he is his own offensive wrecking ball at the plate. Trout hit his most recent go-ahead dinger of his career in the first inning on Aug. 2 off Cleveland Indians pitcher Mike Clevinger, though the game unfortunately resulted in a loss.

Another amazing stat for the home runs in Trout’s career is he has an exact 50/50 split of hitting dingers at home and away, with 138 homers apiece. He also has picked on one pitcher the most in terms of taking him yard, as King Felix Hernandez has been taken yard eight times in Trout’s career, which accounts for 2.9% of his total career home runs.

Trout has hit 83 of his long balls to left field, followed by 77 to left center, 64 to center, 35 to right center and 16 to right field. That only adds up to 275 home runs, so that means Trout also has an inside-the-park dinger to add to his mantle as well.

However you stack it, the Angels got an absolute steal by only paying Trout $428 million until 2030, as his production levels are off the charts and rival some of the greats. One of the most true-hearted players that the game of baseball has ever seen, Trout has already cemented himself as a player who will be remembered for a long time for all of the right reasons.