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Angels phenom Shohei Ohtani continues to break unheralded records

Angels, Shohei Ohtani

Los Angeles Angels pitcher and designated hitter Shohei Ohtani has been the gem of the baseball world since bringing his talents to the Major Leagues. As the rarity of a combo player like Ohtani is unheard of, he should own a lot of records and continue to be part of MLB history. This latest one is truly remarkable as he has gotten off to a blistering start to the 2021 season.

Of course, due to the very few players that hit and pitch, Ohtani is in the driver’s seat for a lot of these records. Nonetheless, Ohtani has been unbelievable to start the season, which is exactly what the Angels were hoping for when they won the Ohtani sweepstakes.

Ohtani absolutely murdered a baseball on Thursday, one night after pitching five scoreless innings while giving up just one hit.

His pitching stats have been off the charts too and he leads the majors in home runs, which almost doesn’t make sense for a guy that can toss it as well as he does.

Ohtani missed nearly 100 games in his first two seasons and played in 44 games in 2020, so the Angels are definitely hoping he can try and stay healthy as they aim to make a run towards the American League West division title.

After all, with Mike Trout’s prime running low, the time is now for the Angels to make some noise. Ohtani should continue to break records and should be a weekly marvel as he can hurl it and hit the ball at an insane level.