The Los Angeles Lakers' season went from bad to worse recently with the news that Anthony Davis injured his foot. On Friday, things certainly did not get any better as it was revealed that Davis is dealing with a stress injury in his right foot, according to Lakers reporter Michael Corvo.

Davis remains out indefinitely with no real timetable for his potential return in sight.

Prior to Davis' injury, he had been having arguably the best season of his pro career. The Lakers power forward had been in the midst of one of the most dominant stretches in recent NBA history. Some of what he had been doing, dropping 50-20 double doubles, hadn't been seen since Wilt Chamberlain.

The Lakers really struggled to begin the season. But they had appeared to have turned a corner and climbed back into playoff contention. Los Angeles had climbed within a couple games of .500 and were bordering on the play-in line. After escaping with a win against the Washington Wizards, the Lakers have lost the next two games without Davis and fallen back to 13th in the Western Conference.

Not all of the news is terrible though. Anthony Davis' pain has reportedly subsided over the last couple of days. The big man intends on resting for another 7-10 days before being reevaluated. The hope is that he will not require surgery, according to ESPN NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski.

Serious injuries are obviously nothing new for Davis. He has been plagued by injuries throughout his career going back to his early days in New Orleans. On the bright side, his injury could actually help provide the Lakers some trade leverage.