Anthony Edwards played just roughly 19 minutes on Friday against the Sacramento Kings before the Minnesota Timberwolves ruled him out for the rest of the game. Before fans panic, however, everything is good with their superstar.

The Timberwolves noted that Edwards' exit from the game was due to a personal reason–and not related to the injury he's recently dealing with. The Kings' broadcast then revealed that Edward's baby with his girlfriend Jeanine Robel is on the way.

Prior to his exit, Edwards had scored 11 points while tallying two rebounds and two assists. He was struggling heavily, though, making just two of his 11 shot attempts during that span.

Edwards and Robel, who is an IG influencer, have been expecting their baby. In fact, they even had a baby shower recently. However, it looks like Edwards didn't anticipate that his girlfriend would give birth on Friday.


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The good news for Edwards is that they are playing at home in Target Center, so he didn't need to travel far away to get to his girlfriend and baby.

More details about Anthony Edwards' baby should come out pretty soon. Sure enough, the Timberwolves star is excited to be a dad and enter a new chapter in his personal life. Maybe we'll see how his baby looks real soon.

As for the Timberwolves, while Edwards' exit can be painful for them, they know very well that there are more important things in life.

Playing basketball is their job, but family always comes first. Which dad doesn't want to be there when their babies are born anyway?

Congratulations to Anthony and Jeanine!