In just a couple of days after its release, Arcane managed to take the number one spot on Netflix. It seemed like an impossible feat after Squid Game’s success, but, here we are now.

As seen on FlixPatrol’s data, Arcane topples Squid Game in the TV Global Top 10s. Squid Game has a global score of 641 points, while Arcane has a global score of 654 points. 

While it may be true that Arcane dethroned Squid Game in the Top 10s, it is missing a few countries. According to FlixPatrol, the animated series didn’t meet global standards the way how Squid Game did. In the United States, Arcane is only ranked number 8 which is a few ranks away from Squid Game. However, considering that it has only been a few days, a lot of things can still change. Especially considering how successful the show was on the first two days, dethroning Squid Game entirely is very possible. 

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There are also a lot of playing factors on why and how Arcane can actually dethrone Squid Game completely. Firstly, Arcane is based on League of Legends which is one of the most popular video games of all time. There are millions of League players around the globe, who are automatically locked in to watch the show. Next is the promotional content Riot is rolling out through collabs with other games. Jinx is literally a skin in Fortnite now, which could also lead to Fortnite players inevitably watching Arcane. Then we have Riot’s other game VALORANT, which features a limited-time event about the show. Players can literally collect rewards that directly reference the show, with the inclusion of the Sherrif directly named after Arcane. Lastly, according to reviews, Arcane isn’t just targeted to League fans and gamers. This means even non-fans of the game can still become hooked to the show. 

Squid Game is currently still sitting on top of the Top 10s mountain in some countries. However, all of this could possibly change real soon after the overwhelming performance Arcane had. The show’s first act is now available to watch exclusively on Netflix.