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League of Legends Netflix show Arcane cast, release date, and more

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League of Legends‘ Netflix animated show will be called Arcane, and it will be coming out this November. With the announcement of Arcane‘s release date is also Arcane‘s cast, along with other details about the upcoming show.

Arcane cast revealed, Release Date: November 6, 2021

In the most recent trailer reveal of Arcane, everyone got to hear some lines from the show’s voice actors. Starting off with the lead role of Vi is Hailee Steinfield. This wouldn’t be the first time that Steinfield will be starring as a voice actress. Hailee is most notable for her voice acting in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse as Gwen Stacy. Other than Vi, we’ll be seeing a lot of familiar faces from League of Legends. The rest of the cast from League includes Jinx, Caitlyn, Jayce, and Viktor. All other characters appearing in the animated series are specifically designed for the show. Fans will get to experience the Arcane cast’s acting chops when the show premieres on November 6, 2021.

The actress who played Ravenclaw’s Cho Chang from Harry Potter, Katie Leung, will voice the sheriff of Piltover Caitlyn. Meanwhile, Ella Purnell will voice Caitlyn’s sworn enemy Jinx. Purnell is already a Netflix star who recently appeared in Army of the Dead as the leading actress. 

Lucifer actor Kevin Alejandro will voice Jayce while Counterpart star Harry Lloyd will voice Viktor. Also, there’ll be three original characters from Arcane namely Mel, Silco, and Vander. Veteran voice actor Toks Olagundoye will take over the role of Mel. Voicing for Silco will be Jason Spisak who has provided his voice for almost a hundred video games. Last but not least, J.B. Blanc, who’ll be voicing for Vander. Blanc is no stranger to voicing for League of Legends. He’s most notable for the support character Braum and is also known for his work as Caustic in Apex Legends.

Arcane will be released in “Acts” of Episodes. Each act will be composed of three episodes, and there will be three Acts, for a total of nine episodes. Each episode will have roughly 40 minutes of run-time.