Arcane characters will soon be transcending the small screen and arrive in Riot's video games. Silco will become the first character going from TV show to game in the Runeterra universe. While Arcane was adapted from League of Legends lore, Silco won't be arriving as a new champion—at least not directly. Instead, the character will debut in League spinoff game, Teamfight Tactics (TFT). Moreover, Riot announced that Silco's release in TFT will be exclusive, meaning the Arcane character won't ever be coming to League.

Upon hearing the news, fans probably had mixed feelings. On the one hand, the community felt excited to see characters from the chart-topping Netflix series turn into bona fide video game characters. But learning that Silco would be a TFT-exclusive release might have been shattered many expectations. Last November, Riot developers teased that they had plans to bring Arcane characters into League of Legends for Season 12.

Of course, these plans could still push through with turning other Arcane characters into League champions. For now, though, Silco will be undergoing the video game treatment in a different title instead. Using League champions as units, TFT offers an auto-chess type of gameplay. This could definitely encourage League players to try out TFT as well.

Riot developers will be creating Silco from scratch, and they have not released word yet on what abilities he might have or what class and origin he might be in. Fans are already speculating that the Arcane antagonist will fit the Mastermind class quite suitably and likely will be best used for the backline of team comps.

Silco will be coming to TFT by mid-February, during the mid-patch update of TFT Set 6: Gizmos & Gadgets.