The Oakland Athletics have become the poster child of frugal spending in the MLB. Many fans in the area have been disheartened by the ownership pinching pennies when it comes to the team. Owning the lowest payroll in the league, letting go of star players, asking the city to pay for a new stadium, they've done everything they can to save money.

In contrast, the Golden State Warriors have been spending a lot for their team. Joe Lacob hasn't been shy in shelling out the big bucks to retain their roster and create a better product overall. It would pain Athletics diehards to know, then, that the Warriors owner ALMOST bought the team ten years ago.

Despite missing out on the chance to own the Athletics, Joe Lacob still has plans about the baseball franchise. In particular, the Warriors owner was critical of owner John Fisher's decision to ask for money from the city itself for a new stadium. (via San Francisco Chronicle)

“Even that, I would’ve had this thing done a long time ago. I’d just pay for it all privately like I did with the Warriors… I think it’s the right thing in this world, in this place. I would’ve just gone and done it. Think of all the revenue you would’ve gotten if you had done it 10 years ago.,, They know the numbers better than I do for their situation, but sometimes you’ve just got to get it done.”

Lacob's plan for the Warriors has been to throw money at everything they do in order to make them successful. If the Athletics were purchased by Lacob ten years ago, it's possible that the team would've been a dynasty of their own like the Warriors did.

Lacob still has plans to own the Athletics in the near future. He did say that he has a long-standing offer for Fisher to buy the team. We'll see if anything materializes on this front in the future.