Bengals news: Chad Johnson receives a special gift, message from Cincinnati
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Chad Johnson receives a special message from Bengals

Chad Johnson, Bengals

It has been nearly ten years since Chad Johnson caught a football with the Cincinnati Bengals, but the love affair between the two has only gone stronger.

In a tweet posted on Thursday afternoon, Johnson revealed that he received gifts in appreciation of his active participation as a Bengals ambassador.

“Thank you so much for your appearances and support for the Bengals this offseason,” the note read. “Our fans loved seeing you on our schedule release live stream and shows around the Draft.”

Johnson, the 36th overall pick of the 2001 NFL Draft, spent 10 seasons in Cincinnati.

“You’re a great Bengal and hopefully, we can continue fun collaborations for you, our team, and our fans into the future. We appreciate that you carry on the legacy of great receivers who played for the Bengals and continue to grow excitement and support for our current WR core.” 

The player once known as “Ochocinco” left his indelible mark with Cincinnati. He is a three-time First-Team All-Pro, six-time Pro Bowler, and holds multiple receiving records with the team.

The Bengals’ nice gesture has likewise aided a local business under the challenging times brought upon by the COVID-19 crisis. 

“We worked with a local cigar shop to send you this assortment of cigars as a show of our thanks. We added Bengals bands to the Vicarias cigars, which are a local cigar company from here in southwest OH. We hope you enjoy them all! WHO DEY!”

Johnson, one of the most entertaining personalities in league history, has already tweeted his wonderful response.