Bengals news: DL Ryan Glasgow reacts to Cincinnati using 5 defensive linemen
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DL Ryan Glasgow reacts to Bengals using 5 defensive linemen

The Cincinnati Bengals suffered a narrow loss in Week 1, but there were still plenty of positives to take away. They were massive underdogs, yet nearly took down the Seahawks on the road in the first game of the Zac Taylor era.

The Bengals did a lot of new stuff as they entered a new era of football, including using five defensive linemen on a handful of plays, writes Paul Dehner Jr. of The Athletic.

One of those defensive linemen was Ryan Glasgow, a third-year pro from Michigan. Speaking to the media later, Glasgow said he really liked the package.

“It was pretty cool,” he said. “Three of us big boys out there in the middle, Sam, Carl, Kerry (Wynn), Carlos. I think it’s really good for us to put five big boys out there and go play ball and say if you want to run the ball, run the ball.”

As Dehner notes, the team — including Ryan Glasgow — was pretty successful in the seven plays they went with the package, picking up a sack of Russell Wilson and a run-stuff.

Defensive coordinator Lou Anarumo wouldn’t tip his hand too much, but he seemed to indicate that it’s something we’ll see more of moving forward.

“Every game plan is going to be different based on who we are playing, but by that token, the strength of our team is up front,” Anarumo said.

“Those guys showed that way yesterday. Based on what the offense is doing we’ll be using the personnel we have to fit what they are doing to try to attack us so it could be different each week. Yesterday’s plan was to get some big guys out there because if you didn’t notice, Seattle has some big guys up front. Our plan was to stop the run. That will be our plan every week is to stop the run and the rest will take care of itself.”