The Buffalo Bills finished the season with a disappointing playoff loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. Josh Allen's 3-1 all-time regular season record against Chiefs superstar Patrick Mahomes wasn't enough to stave off Mahomes, Kelce, and Coach Andy Reid as the Bills fell at home.

After the game Travis Kelce revealed what he told Josh Allen during a viral halftime conversation. An opinion piece on why the Bills should fire Sean McDermott was shared.

Now that the Bills have officially entered their offseason, several orders of business remain on the calendar.

The NFL Draft is happening in late April and the Bills have many different decisions to make.

Here are the biggest needs to be addressed:

1. Shaun McDermott and Josh Allen Must Lead

Proponents of McDermott returning to the Bills point out his successes. Division titles, big season for star QB Josh Allen, and playoff appearances show that he has what it takes to continue a winning culture in Buffalo.

With Allen, who looks like a generational QB talent at times, at the helm, McDermott is sometimes seen as a hinderance to the Bills' plans.

In the Chiefs game, Buffalo's offense looked incredibly predictable at times. The game appeared to follow a similar script to many past Bills playoff games.

Buffalo had its chances to win at the end but came up short. This time, kicker Tyler Bass became the scapegoat.

For Buffalo to move forward from this incredibly difficult loss, McDermott and Allen will have to lead the way. The Bills are a franchise in flux right now, and their fate could rest on the little decisions made on a day-in, day-out basis.

2. The Bills Need Depth on Both Sides of the Ball

Stefon Diggs' big play ability was nullified far too often at times this season, including against the Chiefs when the going got tough.

For Buffalo to take the next step, they must continue to add more playmakers in the draft and free agency.

The Bills have relied on a steady passing attack of Gabe Davis, Diggs and the tight ends over the last few years but one often gets the feeling that something is missing on offense.

James Cook's hard running and development throughout the season won't be forgotten, but there are questions as to whether he can be the feature back the Bills really need. He averaged less than four yards per carry in the postseason.

On defense, the Bills play sound positionally but don't seem to be able to make the biggest of the big plays when opposing teams have momentum on their side.

Simply put, the Bills need more playmakers. McDermott, Allen and the rest of the Bills team leaders have implemented and executed on a system that works, now it's time for the Bills to draft Best Player Available to find a ‘few good men' who can help turn the tide when the going gets tough in games like last Sunday's.

3. Bills Need #3: A Short Memory- 

It would be easy for Allen, McDermott and the rest of the Bills' roster to get caught up in the hoopla surrounding the Chiefs loss. Between Jason Kelce holding up a young girl to see Taylor Swift in the press box and Bass's unfortunate miss kick (plus the ensuing fan anger), the game will be remembered by fans for years to come.

Simply put, the Bills move on.

Now it's time for Allen and McDermott to lead the way. If the Bills let the sting of Sunday's loss linger, it would be foolish to expect anything other than more of the exact same in 2024-2025.