The Buffalo Bills have an unsettling 2023 history with the New York Jets. The Nov. 11th Bills-Jets game left offensive lineup Dion Dawkins with a bad taste in his mouth. Dawkins got into it with Michael Clemmons, and the interaction still has him fuming.

Dion Dawkins kept receipts from the Bills-Jets skirmish in 2023

Dawkins discussed his despise for the Jets after the events of their fall matchup. He began by asserting his disdain for Michael Clemmons before unloading on New York.

“Imma just keep it a buck. I hate [the Jets' players]. All of them. When it comes to playing sports, there's people who play the sport because they love the sport. And then there's people who play the sport just to try to be cool. I feel like they play the sport just to be cool,” Dawkins said on VladTV, per Will Parkinson.

The Bills lineman continued, “Those are a bunch of dudes who want to take pictures on Instagram…that's wack. I play [football] because I die by it.”

Admittedly, Dawkins does not hate everyone associated with the Jets. He named DL Quentin Williams and D-line coach Ryan Davis among those he respects. However, it is safe to say things are not riding smoothly between Dawkins and Michael Clemmons.

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Dawkins and Clemmons argued during their Week 11 matchup and it spilled into the arena tunnels. Clemmons attempted to approach Dawkins after the game but both players were held back. Of course, Dawkins took offense to Clemmons' advances and is using them to fuel his performance on the field.

The 2024 Bills-Jets matchups will be heated. Can Dion Dawkins and his team get the last laugh amid their disputes?