When the Miami Dolphins host the Buffalo Bills in the final game of the 2023 regular season, the AFC East title will be on the line. After a two decade-long run dominated by Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the New England Patriots, the Bills have taken the title as the premiere team in the AFC East, winning the division each of the last three seasons. In large part, this has been due to the emergence of Josh Allen as a bonafide MVP candidate, full-on game wrecker, and at least in the eyes of Dolphins defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, the reincarnation of a Pro Football Hall of Famer who won an MVP, five AFC titles, and two Super Bowls in his career.

“This guy,” Fangio said, “is the new John Elway on steroids.” After a pause, Fangio made sure to clear up any confusion, saying, “And I don't mean he's taking steroids.” (h/t Eric Edholm of NFL.com)

Vic Fangio went on to make his case, saying that even though Josh Allen and John Elway have, “different body types, different running styles,” they presented similar problems.

“Allen is just a beast of a guy, a physical specimen. Like John Elway was in the mid-80s to the mid-90s. (Allen is) just bigger, faster, cannon for an arm, tough. He's a dude.”

That's what Vic Fangio meant by “John Elway on steroids.”

Whether you wanna call Josh Allen the second coming of John Elway, Steve Young, or Fran Tarkenton, the bottomline is, Allen presents major problems for opposing defenses as the scariest duel-threat quarterback in the league. This season alone, Allen has rushed for fifteen touchdowns, nearly 50 percent of John Elway's career total (33). In his six year career, Allen has found the end zone 53 times on the ground, already the 2nd-most in NFL history by a quarterback. Factor in his 165 career touchdowns passing, and it's pretty clear that the only way Josh Allen can be stopped is if he stops himself.

Josh Allen leads the NFL with 42 total touchdowns this year, but his 16 interceptions are second-most in the league. It will be the third straight year that Allen has finished as one of the three most-intercepted quarterbacks in the league.

But the highs are like Snoop Dogg on April 20th… so damn high. Buffalo's ceiling remains among the highest in the NFL simply because Josh Allen can go supernova in any given game, like he did back in week 4 when Buffalo torched the Miami Dolphins by a final score of 48-20. Allen finished the game with 320 yards, five total touchdowns, a perfect passer rating, and not a single turnover. If Allen can go into Miami and come close to replicating that performance, the Bills will likely be AFC East champions for the fourth consecutive season.