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Josh Allen, Taron Johnson react to ‘franchise-altering’ 101-yard pick-6 on Lamar Jackson

Josh Allen Taron Johnson Lamar Jackson Bills

The Divisional Round game between the Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens was lower scoring than expected. That made it all the more fitting that a late-game interception by Taron Johnson turned the tide of the contest. Following Buffalo’s double-digit win, Josh Allen and Johnson both spoke about the game-changing pick-six on Lamar Jackson.

“A play that people are going to remember for a long time here in Buffalo, potentially a franchise-altering play,” Bills quarterback Allen said, via The Athletic’s Matthew Fairburn.

The pick-6 by Johnson occurred late in the third quarter when the Ravens were amid a long offensive drive. But after Baltimore positioned themselves inside Buffalo’s 10-yard line, Jackson threw an ill-advised pass in the direction of Mark Andrews that Johnson would intercept.

Johnson would proceed to take the ball out of the end zone with the intent to return it. While the decision to take it out of the end zone seemed questionable, he was able to score a touchdown that would flip the momentum of the game entirely.

After the game, Johnson shared how he was able to make the play that allowed the Bills to advance to their first AFC Championship since 1994.

“All I did was cheat and he didn’t see me,” Johnson said. “He threw the ball and I took it.”

If Johnson hadn’t intercepted the pass, Andrews was probably going to be catching the game-tying touchdown for the Ravens. However, the third-year cornerback made a play that could be remembered forever, especially if the Bills happen to find themselves in the Super Bowl, or even winning it all.