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Bills’ Sean McDermott defends cowardly decision to settle for field goals against mighty Chiefs

Bills, Sean McDermott

The Buffalo Bills were simply outplayed on the field by the more experienced Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday. However, the questionable decisions of Bills head coach Sean McDermott from the sidelines contributed to the unfavorable outcome for his team.

McDermott opted to aim for a 20-yard field goal attempt before halftime. He decided to do it again in the third quarter for a 27-yard field goal. Although rookie placekicker Tyler Bass managed to nail both attempts, it can’t be denied that the Bills still had a window of opportunity to score touchdowns from the two-yard line and eight-yard line, respectively.

After the game, McDermott was asked to explain the rationale behind his decision.

“I thought about going for it on both occasions. Maybe if I had to do it over again, I would have went for maybe one of them,” he said via ESPN. “But the one before the half, I wanted to get points. We were having trouble coming up with points, and I wanted to at least have something to show for it going into the half, especially knowing they were getting the ball after half. I’ll look back at that and reevaluate that, especially the one after half there, and as an entire team, we’ll learn from the experience.”

Seeing how the game panned out, the choice to go for field goals turned out to be costly for the Bills. While they simply settled for points, the Chiefs managed to be productive with their possessions and scored five touchdowns midway through the game.

By way of their streaky offense, the reigning Super Bowl champions eventually created a wider deficit between them and their opponents. The Chiefs continued to step on the pedal and never looked back as they emerged victorious on a 38-24 lopsided win.

Seeing how crucial it was for their loss, the 46-year-old tactician will certainly want those possessions back if he could only turn back time. Despite the bitter ending to their promising run, Sean McDermott and his squad will look to take the loss as a learning experience moving forward.