Bills video: Cowboys get away with uncalled-for late hit on QB Josh Allen
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Cowboys get away with uncalled-for late hit on Bills QB Josh Allen

Josh Allen, Bills, Cowboys

Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills was fired up when he gained a first down late in the second quarter against the Dallas Cowboys.

Yes, Allen is a fiery competitor to begin with, but the emotional temperature of this Thanksgiving Day game rose in the first quarter when Xavier Woods of the Cowboys clearly hit Allen after he had started to slide. No call was made.

Non-calls on these plays should anger any NFL quarterback who isn’t sufficiently protected:

It is true that quarterbacks are often too pampered by current roughing-the-passer rules. In many ways, defensive players are held to unreasonable standards regarding hitting angles and the timing of their hits.

This play involving Josh Allen, however, is not one of those plays. This should be a flag not only by rule — it flows from a proper reading of the rule book — but also as a matter of principle. When players do give themselves up by sliding, they do deserve protection.

Josh Allen received none against the Cowboys. He is fired up to begin with, but he became even more energized and spunky after this play. The Bills took a 13-7 lead to the half against the Cowboys.

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