The Portland Trail Blazers are in for a lively, yet stressful summer. Franchise star Damian Lillard just added to it, with a cryptic Instagram post that will create more questions and heart pill prescriptions.

Lillard posted himself on the court pointing to his wrist and included emojis, most notably one of a watch. Most fans will naturally infer that the 32-year-old is insinuating that if the Blazers do not significantly upgrade the roster this offseason, Lillard will request a trade.

It doesn't take Detective Columbo or a social media post to reach that plausible conclusion. In fact, Lillard himself has basically said the same thing, reiterating his desire to stay in Portland just as long as the organization proves they are serious about building a contender. The latest rumors suggest that the Blazers are all in on keeping the beloved seven-time All-Star and will use the best bargaining chip at their disposal to get him some help.

The team is reportedly considering trading the No. 3 pick in the 2023 NBA Draft, which should at least demand another capable talent to place alongside Lillard. There are multiple teams who could consider dealing away an All-Star caliber player in favor of rebuilding. The coveted No. 3 pick, which figures to be either Scoot Henderson or Brandon Miller, certainly makes the concept of starting over a bit more palatable for front offices.

The Trail Blazers will certainly milk the asset for all it is worth. Their window to compete in the Damian Lillard era is closing quickly. The point guard has shown the effects of carrying the offensive load of a franchise for several years and is only getting older and more susceptible to injury. He is right. Time is ticking.

Portland has a lot to consider. But after much uncertainty these past couple of years, fans should at least take solace in knowing that the franchise will have a clear direction going forward. Whether it's playing meaningful basketball in May or scouring mock drafts in December, they will finally know where the Blazers stand.

Lillard has all but guaranteed it.