Portland Trail Blazers superstar Damian Lillard has chimed in on the hotly contested GOAT debate. In his mind, Dame has no doubt as to who the greatest of all time is. For Lillard, it has to be none other than Michael Jordan.

The Blazers stud explained his reason behind picking Jordan as his own personal GOAT:

“My NBA GOAT is Michael Jordan,” Lillard said, via Dame Nation on Twitter. “It's just different when you talk about MJ. On the floor, it's just never been nobody like him. Nobody electrified the crowd like him. The Air Jordan shoe, rocking the cradle, walking in the air, you know, it's Jordan. … I don't think it's too much of a debate as far as who's the GOAT, and I would say it's Jordan.”

After heaping praise on MJ, Lillard did acknowledge LeBron James and how the Los Angeles Lakers star is also in contention for the GOAT title:

“Bron, that's definitely a conversation to be had, but I think most people will look at Jordan as the GOAT,” Lillard concluded.

Dame did give LeBron his props, but it is clear which side of the fence Lillard is sitting on here. You also have to note that Lillard never got the opportunity to play against MJ on the basketball court. Jordan had already been retired for nearly a decade when Dame arrived in the NBA in 2012. Lillard obviously grew up watching and idolizing the great Michael Jordan, and this has clearly given him a bit of a bias towards the Hall of Famer.