Damian Lillard and Kevin Durant are both superstars. They are future Hall-of-Famers who have excelled throughout their careers. When it comes to joining the Golden State Warriors, though, Lillard and KD have very different mindsets. After failing to win with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Durant left OKC and signed with Golden State. Lillard, meanwhile, would rather lose “every year” than join the Warriors, via NBACentral.

“I respect what they've been doing over the last eight, nine years or whatever and I'm from there obviously,” Lillard said of the Warriors. “That's home. But I can't be a part of that…. It don't even make sense. I never do nothing like that. I lose every year before I go.”

Damian Lillard wants to be traded. He's remained loyal to the Portland Trail Blazers during his career, but Portland's recent uncertainty when it comes to winning led Dame to request a trade during the offseason. He wants to be traded to the Miami Heat, however.

Talks are still progressing between Miami and Portland. Nothing has come to fruition yet. Other teams are rumored to be interested in Lillard, but there's nothing to suggest he'd be happy playing anywhere but with the Heat. Given his comments on the Warriors, he clearly wants to join a team that is trying to win but doesn't already feature a super-team.

Miami has come close in recent seasons, reaching the NBA Finals twice since 2020. Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo and the Heat have fallen short though. Damian Lillard likely believes he can help bring a championship to Miami.

But it is not all about championships for Lillard. He could easily request a trade to the Warriors or another team with a proven track record of success in the NBA Finals. That just isn't the case in this situation though.