Damian Lillard had one of the best statistical seasons of his outstanding career in the 2022-23 season. But the Portland Trail Blazers didn’t surround him with a team good enough to even make the postseason.

Lillard is done with rebuilds and wants to start competing for the playoffs again, according to independent Trail Blazers reporter Sean Highkin. On top of saying that now is “the time to really push forward,” he made it clear that he's tired of being surrounded by players that need time to develop.

“I don't have much of an appetite for building with guys 2 and 3 years away and not really go after it,” Lillard said, according to Highkin.

The Blazers have a share of young players who could use some time to develop. Rookie Shaedon Sharpe looked promising but, of course, the 19-year-old could still use some more time to sharpen his skills. Portland ended up playing a lot of young guys this season as their playoff hopes dissipated after a promising 16-12 start to the season.

Lillard is typically quick to state his loyalty to the Trail Blazers and desire to win there but recently hinted that that may not be the case anymore. After averaging a career-best 32.2 points per game on career-best efficiency, it's now or never for Portland if the franchise wants to try to surround him with a good supporting cast.

Finding the right guys to put around Damian Lillard won't be easy, which is why a tank is likely on the front office's mind. But if they choose to go down that path with the veteran star on the roster, it may not be pretty.