Chauncey Billups surprised the Portland Trail Blazers faithful with the return of Scoot Henderson. The rookie had taken some time off the squad due to injuries and now looks poised to redeem his season. He may have been placed on the bench against the Utah Jazz but that did not stop him. The rookie was facilitating at such a high level. But, that was not the thing that stuck out the most when they went toe-to-toe with the Lauri Markkanen-led squad. Rather, it was his goggles that caught peoples' attention and there was an explanation, via Brooke Olzendam.

“He recently got contacts…the thought process was to have Scoot wear goggles in hopes that would deter him from touching his contacts over and over,” was the revelation that seemed to have eased the minds of Blazers fans when they saw Scoot Henderson with new headgear.

This might have helped him pop off despite being on the bench against the Jazz led by Lauri Markkanen. He has shown extremely good court vision which led to seven assists in just 17 minutes of playing time. The Blazers rookie may have only gotten three points but it did not stop him from leaving an imprint against the Jazz.

Eventually, the Blazers would get their much-needed fourth victory of the season to keep some hopes of a playoff berth alive. The game's four quarters of action would end with a 121 to 105 scoreline. It looks like Chauncey Billups and his squad are starting to get their groove on before Thanksgiving. Will they continue this en route to a play-in appearance?