Could Damian Lillard actually be on his way out of the Portland Trail Blazers this summer? He's already stated multiple times in the past that he intends to see out his career in Portland, but with all the rumblings going on right now, it's hard not to at least consider Lillard's exit.

According to an NBA agent that has chosen to remain anonymous, Lillard could actually force his way out of Portland if he so pleases. The best way to do this would be to take the same approach James Harden did when he orchestrated his trade away from the Houston Rockets:

“Portland has the leverage contractually, for sure, but Dame could pull a [James] Harden and make it messy to gain leverage,” the anonymous NBA agent said, via Eric Pinus of Bleacher Report. “He's a star [and stars have a lot of power in the NBA],” a former Western Conference executive said. “I think [a trade] will be agreed to mutually, but Portland will direct it.”

In case you forgot, Harden did everything in his power to ensure that the Rockets would trade him this season — including putting on a ton of extra weight. Ugly as they may have been, his tactics worked and Houston eventually sent him to the Brooklyn Nets.

Lillard's relationship with the Blazers is much different, though. If he actually wants to go then I don't think Portland will hold him back. The team owes him that much. Then again, if they decide to play hardball then Dame will definitely need to get creative. He'll probably be giving James Harden a call if and when this happens.