Bob Myers, the architect of the Golden State Warriors dynasty is leaving the franchise. The organization’s president and general manager says, “It’s just time” to move on after 12 years of building the Warriors into four-time NBA champions. The incredibly successful GM is still just 48 years old and will have suitors knocking down his door now that he’s officially unemployed. With lots of options available, here are the five best Bob Myers destinations after his Warriors departure.

5. Home

Bob Myers has lived his dream. He grew up in the Bay Area as a Warriors fan and became the GM who shepherded them to a dynasty. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Myers is walking away at 48, with much of his life ahead of him. He’s accomplished just about as much as he can in the world of basketball and made a lot of money doing so. Myers is also married with young daughters, so he could simply retire and spend his days with his family or coaching his daughters’ basketball teams.

If Myers does decide to spend more time with his family — a cliché that fired coaches and executives often use — it will be a well-earned break from his incredible career.

4. Private Equity

This is another option that starts with the fact that Myers has reached the summit of professional basketball, and there’s a good chance that anything he does after this is a downhill slide.

Myers majored in business and economics at UCLA and knows a lot more about being an executive than just how to find a gem from Michigan State in the second round. According to CBS Sports, the former Warriors GM will have opportunities with private equity firms after leaving Golden State.

Being an NBA GM is a lucrative profession that surely has made Myers a millionaire. However, private equity firms can turn that “m” into a “b” and make the exec more money than he ever could in pro basketball.

3. ‘Inside the NBA’

It’s hard to argue that a 17-time Emmy-winning television show needs to be changed. That said, can all NBA fans agree that Inside the NBA could use some freshening up?

When the Turner studio show crew does get an addition, it will likely be a former Golden State Warrior. That person will be Draymond Green, but here’s the argument for making it Bob Myers to keep Green’s seat warm as he finishes up his career.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone on that panel who’s been involved with an NBA franchise in the last 20 years? And while Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kenny Smith are excellent at giving the players’ perspective during games, wouldn’t it be interesting to hear about a game from a front office slant?

Bob Myers is the type of outside-the-box choice that made Inside the NBA great, to begin with when it first paired Barkley and Smith. However, now that most of the panel can’t name 25 current-day NBA players off the top of their heads, maybe it’s time to shake it up a bit.

2. Brooklyn Nets

Bob Myers grew up in Northern California, went to college on the southern side of the state at UCLA, and then stayed in-state for law school. Finally, he became an NBA agent with an LA-based firm before taking the Warriors job.

Basically, Myers is a California lifer, so the next Bob Myers destination is likely on the West Coast. However, if the exec is interested in sampling another part of the country for a new challenge, where better to go than New York City?

The Brooklyn Nets offer a new challenge for Myers. The team just got rid of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant at the trade deadline, and the team is at least as low (if not lower) than the Warriors were a little over a decade ago when Myers took over.

Becoming the head of the Nets’ basketball operations would allow Myers to take over a big market team with all the resources he needs, and start from scratch again, trying to take them from the outhouse to the penthouse.

1. Los Angeles Clippers

Of all the potential Bob Myers destinations, the Los Angeles Clippers make the most sense. As noted above, Myers is a California guy who has spent much of his life in the LA area. He’s also one of the best basketball minds of this century, and that’s something the Clippers could use.

Steve Balmer saved the Clippers from horrific ownership over the years, but he hasn’t yet got the franchise to a level where they are on par with the Lakers in LA.

Myers is a general manager who could finally change that dynamic, and the Clippers should be a team that interests him just as much as the franchise wants the exec.

The Clippers have Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, and Myers could build around those two or use them as assets to ship out for different players or picks. That’s why the team is the leader among any of the NBA Bob Myers destinations.