An Achilles injury is the toughest to bounce back from. A lot of players have come back and never looked the same like Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. However, some do manage to rise from the ashes and exceed expectations. One of these select individuals is Chicago White Sox's Jake Burger. Michael Soroka of the Atlanta Braves was more than amazed with the baseman's performance.

The Braves did not put up much of a fight against the White Sox. However, this did not stop Michael Soroka from giving Jake Burger his much-needed praise, via David O'Brien of The Athletic.

“It’s been great to watch him. It’s a lot more fun to watch him do it against other teams. What he’s been able to do — especially since he was out longer than I was. He had his fair share of difficulties that I didn’t, because he went through it all in the minor leagues, too. He had to battle for a lot of years and basically was out of baseball for a good chunk. So it’s been encouraging to watch him do what he’s done,” the pitcher said.

After he outlined the tough journey Burger underwent, Soroka posited that the baseman has a lot more juice left in the tank and that the best is yet to come.

“Good to talk to him, too, about what he’s dealt with the last couple of years since he’s come back, things to keep an eye on for me moving forward,” he declared.

Staying in the MLB can be quite difficult and no one will know that more than his fellow athlete.