It seems like Clubs might finally get some big changes in Brawl Stars. For some time, Supercell focused a lot of their development time on Gears, Hypercharge abilities, new brawlers, and more. But since the last Brawl Talk, it seems the developer has some ideas in mind for the game's biggest social aspect, Clubs. So, what are the big changes coming to Clubs? Let's dive right in and find out.

Brawl Stars Clubs – Massive Feature Getting Removed As Supercell Sets Sights On Improvements

Brawl Stars released a new post today across YouTube, X, and other platforms to remind fans of some of the big changes coming to Club League and Club Games. In the post, they talked about how the new changes should benefit players in the future. The biggest change to Brawl Stars' Clubs is the removal of the Club Shop, which takes place during the next update. Let's look deeper:

  • Firstly, active club members in a FULL club will benefit more from the upcoming changes. So if you're not in a Club yet, you should join one!
  • The Club Shop is LEAVING. You still have time to spend your Club Coins on Gold, Power points, and Skins until the next update.
    • However, any unspent Club Coins get automatically converted to Gold (50% split)

Additionally, the developers did announce in the last Brawl Talk that were considering some changes to the overall game itself. Do they need to release chromatic brawlers every season? Does a bi-monthly pass really work? We'll see how they address these changes in future updates.

We're going to be honest and say we're excited, yet cautious about the new changes coming. Typically, whenever Brawl Stars announces something new, it seems to favor Pay-To-Win players at first. Over time, the developers do tweak these issues and make it more fair, but it happens nonetheless. Hopefully, the next update provides benefits for both F2P and players who spend money on gems.

The latest Season, Back To Ranger Ranch, added new hypercharge abilities, a new chromatic brawler, and plenty of new balance changes. We're excited to see what the new changes to Brawl Stars' Club League and Games system.

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