If you’re new to Brawl Stars, you may be wondering which brawlers in the game work the best. But reading an entire tier list can also be draining, especially if you just want to see how certain brawlers perform. So to make it shorter, here’s a Brawl Stars tier list for each brawler in the Super Rare category.

Brawl Stars Super Rare Brawlers Tier List

Note, this Brawl Stars Super Rare Brawler Tier List covers everything up to Season 26. Furthermore, we did not take mutations into account for this Tier List. This is because they're only available for a limited time and only usable in modes with a Mutation Modifier.

S Tier

Tick – May be upsetting some by putting Tick so high, but who else is still the #1 choice in Bounty? Tick's mines carpet the map and don't explode on landing. They wait a few seconds before they explode or until someone makes contact with them. Sure, you could stand still to avoid hitting all his mines, but you won't be able to recharge your HP.

Tick's Automa-tick reload star power makes him even more annoying with a 9% faster reload speed. His super can scare away close-range assassins, and his last-hurrah gadget shields him and knocks back enemies around him (while also dealing damage). Tick is a long range-thrower who can stave off assassins and keep enemies from healing. He's a force to be reckoned with.

Lastly, Tick is now one of the few brawlers who possess a Hypercharge ability. This ability allows his Super to move faster. Additionally, his Super also spawns six mines after it is destroyed. He remains the deadliest threat on most long-range maps.

Season 26 Notes – Tick received no balance changes, keeping him among the top rated Super Rare Brawlers

Rico – Not only a great brawler, but he's even deadlier on maps with walls. His main attacks bounce off walls and seemingly travel forever until they hit a target. Even if there's no walls, his range is good and his attack speed is only a little slower than Colt's. His super pierces through enemies and he can heal himself completely with his bouncy castle gadget.

Think about it. You could hit someone from across the map while healing yourself at the same time. This alone puts Rico as one of the best in the game. He also looks pretty cool, too, though that's not the reason he's here. Additionally, he hasn't received a nerf since 2022, with three buffs since.

Season 26 Notes – Rico received no balance changes, keeping him among the top rated Super Rare Brawlers

A Tier

Carl – Carl often goes from the worst to the best brawler or vice versa depending on his balance changes. After receiving a damage buff to his pickaxe back in Season 25, Carl seems to be amazing again.

Carl is crafty. His pick-axe works like a boomerang and always comes back to him, dealing extra damage for whoever's in the way. He can move across long distances, even past the water with his flying hook gadget. This can help him in modes like Heist, Hot Zone, or Brawl Ball where he needs to reach the objective quickly. Additionally, he has two star powers which either increase his attack speed or shields him during supers.

8-Bit – He may be slow, but he's one of the best support brawlers in the game. 8-Bit's biggest strength comes from his super, where he drops a turret that increases the damage output of himself and fellow teammates. Even if you're playing alone there are many uses to it. His cheat cartridge gadget teleports him to his turret where he can catch opponents by surprise.

Both of his star powers have their uses. Boosted Booster increases the range of his turret and increases damage output by 15%. But if you're looking to increase his speed, his plugged in star power does just that. He's also the best teammate for any of the PvE modes like Boss fight. Pair him with Nita and another good brawler and victory is as good as yours.

8-Bit received no balance changes in the latest update, keeping him in the A tier Super Rare Brawlers

B Tier

Dynamike – Dynamike seems like a great brawler. We've all been stunned by him before and rage quitted. However, once you get used to how his attack works, he's easy to dodge. Dynamike's attack only deals full damage when the enemy stands right on it too. Being just a little bit further from it will only result in damage from one stick of dynamite.

Still, he's one of the most fun brawlers to use in the game. His Dyna-jump star power gets him out of a lot of pickles, and his Demolition Star power typically gives him enough damage to knock brawlers out. Overall, he's not bad, but he can be predictable. Recently, Dynamike's Fidget Spinner Gadget damage got increased to 2000 per stick of dynamite. Overall, he sits around the middle of the pack.

Last year, Dynamike's air time was decreased for his Dyna-Jump Star Power, which actually acts as a buff. Now, Dynamike reaches the ground quicker where he can wheel out damage again. Now, he's one of just a few brawlers to possess a Hypercharge. Even if it did receive multiple nerfs back in Season 24, Dynamike's Super now spawns multiple bombs, creating a carpet of potential damage.

Season 26 Notes – Dynamike remains in the B Tier.

Jessie – Jessie has been, and seemingly always will be a good, but not great brawler. Her attacks bounce off enemies, which is nice, but she doesn't deal a lot of damage, and the damage decreases with each enemy it bounces off of. However, her turret can be useful in a lot of situations and her attack range is pretty good.

She's really good in certain modes like Heist and even Hot Zone, but in every other mode she's just okay. Her Recoil Spring gadget is only useful against the heist safe, so use spark plug in most other situations (at least you can slow enemies down with it). Both of her star powers are okay too. Energize will let her heal her turret and the attack will still bounce toward enemies. If you're playing Heist, use her Shocky Star Power, so her turret's attack will bounce off as well and keep enemies distracted.

With a new Hypercharge ability, Jessie sits near the top of the B-tier. However, her scrappy 2.0 ability really doesn't make her much more intimidating. Furthermore, her Hypercharge ability received two buffs (increased Hypercharge multiplier and damage boost) along with two nerfs (lowered speed and shield boost) back in Season 24. These two changes pretty much balance out, considering most Hypercharges received similar tweaks.

Gus – Gus' attacks don't do a lot of damage, though he does have good range. But where Gus shines is his super, which shields himself or fellow teammates. It's extremely helpful in getting out of bad situations, or it can give your teammate enough health to complete the objective.

Gus also places spirits across the map after every four successful hits, and can place up to 10 overall. This basically means you can place 10 healing stations on the map for your teammates to utilize. We recommend his health bonanza star power. While the damage increase from Spirit Animal is good, it's more useful to have your spirits heal your teammates with extra health.

In recent updates, Gus received damage buffs for both his main attack and Kooky Popper Gadget. Additionally, he received another buff in April, which lets his Super knock back nearby enemies. These buffs moved him above Darryl and towards the middle of the B tier.

Season 26 Notes – Gus remains in the B tier.

Darryl – It's tough being a close range brawler in Brawl Stars. Darryl fortunately can charge his own super over time without dealing damage. This means he won't have to stay back the whole game and look for an opportunity to strike. Instead he can focus on staying alive, getting his super up, and follow through with wreaking havoc.

Darryl is tanky, deals a lot of damage up close, and can surprise enemies with his super. The only reason he isn't higher on the list is because his star power and gadgets aren't the best. That's not to say they're bad, but they don't do enough to help our barrel-loving pirate accomplish everything. Like many classic brawlers, Darryl hasn't received too many changes recently.

Overall, Darryl, received a slight buff to his main attack projectile speed earlier this year. Other than that, he remains relatively untouched since 2022.

C Tier

Jacky – Like most close range brawlers, Jacky struggles on maps without walls or tight corners. Her gadgets are only useful in certain situations, and both of her star powers revolve around her taking damage. It's kind of sad to see that both of her star powers are completely for defensive reasons.

We will say though that her Counter Crush Star Power is the better of the two. It converts 30% of the damage she receives and puts it towards an attack that takes no ammo. This can help Jacky win a lot of close 1-on-1 situations as she'll deal extra damage for every hit she takes. That being said, she still suffers on maps that don't cater to her play-style.

However, Jacky moves above Penny and out of the worst brawler spot in the Brawl Stars Super Rare Brawler Tier List. Why? Because her hypercharge ability gives her an edge over her opponents (for now). Overall, her Hypercharge increases her movement speed, damage, and shield. Despite a few balance changes concerning Hypercharges, Jacky remains on top of the C tier.

Penny – Penny used to be a lot worse, so for her to be here is a miracle. Unlike Jessie, Penny's turret doesn't need to be close to the enemy, which is a plus. However, unless your enemies are bunched up together, her attack isn't all that special. It pierces through enemies as long as it hits one, dealing more damage depending on how close the enemies were. But in most 1-on-1 situations, that mechanic isn't useful.

Since she's been re-worked (and re-designed) she's been a little bit better. Penny's turret does keep her in the C Tier, as it can cause havoc on modes like Hot Zone and Heist. And with it having a decent range, you can put it back near your spawn and won't have to worry about spawning another.

Penny received a few buffs earlier this year, but not enough to bring her to a higher tier. Nevertheless, her and her Master Blaster Star Power now deal more damage. Regardless, Penny feels like a weaker version of Jessie, with a few useful mechanics.

That wraps it up for the Brawl Stars Super Rare Brawlers Tier List. Rare, Super RareEpic, Mythic, Legendary, and Chromatic Brawlers if you're interested. Note that just because we placed certain brawlers in some spots, it doesn't mean they can't be good. The nice thing about Brawl Stars is that everybody has a mode or two they're good at. So just play with you have the most fun with, and let everything else matter later.

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