If you’re new to Brawl Stars, you may be wondering which brawlers in the game work the best. We've previously made tier lists for Rare, Super RareEpic, Mythic, Legendary, and Chromatic Brawlers. Now, we figured we'd bring all 68 Brawlers together for one massive list. If you'd like a more in-depth review, we recommend you check out the tier lists by rarity.

Unlike our previous tier lists, we'll only go over the 3 brawlers in each tier.

It's also worth mentioning that every brawler in the game can be good, so don't be discouraged if you see your favorite brawler ranked low.

Without further ado, let's dive right in:

Brawl Stars Tier List : S+ Tier










As mentioned in our Mythic Brawler tier list, Tara is arguably the best brawler in Brawl Stars. Her attack, super, gadgets and star powers all have their uses. There's almost nothing wrong with her, and she's extremely clutch, if used correctly. The Bazaar trio is one of the best in the game, and Tara is part of the reason why. There isn't a single game mode or map where she can't be useful.

Eve has been one of the best brawlers due to her ability to hover over water. She has great range, and her hatchlings make life miserable for her enemies. Eve is easily one of the best Knockout and Bounty brawlers in the game because she can dominate the map with her super. She can push enemies back with her hatchlings, and Mortis mains will fear her on maps with water.

While Otis and Crow are also easily top three brawlers, we have to mention Poco. He can heal while attacking (Da Capo), heal with his gadget, and heal with his Super. With an attack that pierces through enemies, Poco can make slight work of a group of enemies if they're bunched together. He's amazing in Brawl Ball or Hot Zone, but like Tara he's useful in any mode (Except Heist).

S Tier











Tick remains one of the best brawlers for modes like Bounty and Knockout. His mines linger on the map, ready to hit enemies on impact. Tick is great for map control as he keeps his opponents at bay with good mine placement. The Automa-tick star power is great for reloading faster and keeping the mines blasting. You really can't go wrong with one of the best (most broken) thrower in the game.

Stu is arguably one of the best showdown brawlers. He can zip his away around, charging his super with just one hit. The daredevil can easily win most one-on-one situations if used correctly despite his low HP. His Breakthrough Gadget can catch enemies by surprise while opening maps up. Additionally, he can increase his Nitro Boost distance with his Zero Drag Star Power.

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EMZ is the best crowd controlling brawler in the game. Her attack covers a wide range, pierces through enemies while her super slows them down. She can push close-range opponents away with her Friendzoner Gadget, all while dealing additional damage with her Bad Karma Star Power. She's incredible in modes like Hot Zone, Bounty, and Gem Grab.

A Tier














Colt is a fantastic brawler who deals a ton of damage and has a great Super. He can either blow up walls (Silver Bullet) or reload two ammo instantly (Speedloader) with his gadgets, and he can increase his movement speed (Slick Boots) or attack range/speed (Magnum Special) with his Star Powers. He's useful in just about any game mode, and there isn't one he shouldn't be used in.

Do not sleep on Shelly. Just because she's the first available brawler does not mean she's bad by any means. On the contrary, she's actually one of the best close-range brawlers in the game. Her Super and main attack damage can easily wipe out other close range brawlers, and she has enough range to help build up her Super. Her movement speed was recently buffed, making it easy to navigate the map with her.

Spike is a nightmare to go against. When given his Curveball Star Power, you can practically hit enemies you weren't even intending to attack. He can spawn extra cover with his Life Plant Gadget. Additionally, his Sticky Spikes Mythic Gear slows down enemies with his Super by an extra 50%! If you catch your opponent in the middle of your Super, they may as well be prepared for a beatdown.

B Tier
















Buster may have had his attack nerfed, but he's still a Tank Brawler with support capabilities. Standing near teammates will help spawn his Super, which is great for a mode like Hot Zone. At close range he deals considerable damage, though sometimes not enough. However, he can pull enemies with his Slo-Mo Replay Gadget, slowing them down as well for an additional 2 seconds. His Kevlar Vest Star Power gives him a shield while making him immune to dreaded knock backs, slows, and stuns.

Mandy dethroned Piper as long-range queen when she joined the roster. She has the longest range after standing still, and can sit back while picking opponents off. She has great gadgets which can either slow (Carmelize) enemies, or let her attack pierce through walls (Cookie Crumbs). We also love her In My Sights Star Power, which increases her projectile speed by 20% while focused.

Meg may have seen some nerfs, but starting with her Mech suit still makes her a force to be reckoned with. When her suit is destroyed she can give herself a 25% shield for 10 seconds (via Force Field Star Power), and she can heal 1500 HP over 5 seconds with her Jolting Volts Gadget. Meg is a great brawler who essentially has two lives before she can be totally wiped out.

C Tier






El Primo




Mr. P


R-T's marking mechanic is similar to Belle's Super, though it only lasts a few seconds. He's OK as a brawler. His attack has good range, but his Super involves a lot of risk to use. It splits in body in half, and his attacks become more like Jacky's. While it may be helpful sometimes, you're putting yourself (and your main body) at risk all the time. We will say his Hacks gadget is great for dealing that finishing blow.

Piper may not be the #1 long-ranger, but she still has her uses. She deals more damage based on how far her enemy is from her. Like Mandy, she can slow enemies down with her Auto-Aimer gadget, though it will only deal 100 damage and slow them down for 1 hit. Her setup isn't quite as good as Mandy's, but Piper is still a solid pick for modes like Bounty, and open Knockout maps.

Jessie and Penny are very identical, though the latter is slightly better after she was re-worked. Jessie's attack bounces off enemies, which is nice if they're all bunched up together. Her pet turret is okay but not as accurate as Penny's unless firing from point blank range. Thankfully, her turret can be improved with all of her Star Powers and Gadgets.

D Tier








Ruffs alone isn't a bad brawler, but his play-style is dependent on the teammates he's playing with. Sure, he can give them a strength and health boost, but then his teammates will have to make sure they don't squander that upgrade. Ruffs' attacks do bounce on walls, and his Air superiority Star Power can blow up walls. These pros help lift him out of the F tier.

Mortis fans don't be sad. He's still one of the most fun brawlers to play with, but he requires a ton of skill. When playing against a Mortis, chances are they're either the worst or best brawler on the field depending on who's controlling him. He will always take damage in every combat scenario, since he needs to make contact with his enemy to damage them. That being said, Mecha Mortis is the best skin in the game. So he's got something going for him at least.

Buzz is a close-range brawler who's really only useful when his Super is charged. In order to do that, he must either attack his enemies, or stay in close proximity to them. You can use his Eyes Sharp Star Power to increase the super-charging zone. Overall, there's a lot of ways to counter Buzz, putting him somewhere in the middle of the pack. Fun fact, Buzz has never once been nerfed since joining the Brawl Stars roster.

F Tier





Frank is the worst close-range brawler in the game, and most of it is due to his delayed attack. Yes, he has a lot of HP, and yes, Ash has a delayed attack too. However; Ash can at least gain faster movement speed after receiving/dealing damage. If Frank had a similar mechanic, he'd be S tier at the very least. For now, he'll stay here until Supercell finds a way to make him better.

Don't be upset that we put Amber so low. It's just that you can't aim with her without wasting ammo. And Amber on low ammo is about as useless as a submarine with screen doors. Her flame puddles can cause havoc, but you're relying on people to stay within its area of effect. The more you rank up Amber, the smarter people are to her antics.

Maisie is out of the F tier but joining Jacky at the bottom is Doug. Unlike Jacky though, Doug only deals maximum damage when he's right on top of his enemy. Considering so many brawlers have stuns, knock-backs, jumps, and slowing abilities, it makes it difficult for our hot-dog loving dinosaur to dominate. His Super is useful, but it still requires the player to be smart on when to use it. We think Supercell is likely to rework him soon. For now, we consider him one of the worst new characters in Brawl Stars.

That about wraps it up for this Brawl Stars tier list. As mentioned earlier you can also check out the other tier lists for each rarity to get more descriptions for each brawler. For more Brawl Stars information, check out ClutchPoints Gaming.