Brawl Stars: Tier List for Chromatic Brawlers

If you’re new to Brawl Stars, you may be wondering which brawlers in the game work the best. But reading an entire tier list can also be...

Brawl Stars: Tier List for Chromatic Brawlers

If you’re new to Brawl Stars, you may be wondering which brawlers in the game work the best. But reading an entire tier list can also be draining, especially if you just want to see how certain brawlers perform. So to make it shorter, here’s a tier list for each brawler in the Chromatic category. We’ll update the overall list as we make more tier lists for each rarity.

Brawl Stars Chromatic Brawlers Tier Listing


Eve – As the only brawler who can hover over water, Eve is one of the best brawlers in the game. Just slap a reload gear and her Quadruplets gear (which lets her egg spawn an extra hatchling) and watch your opponents suffer. Her Gotta Go Gadget is great for escaping enemies, and her Happy Surprise Star Power lets her spawn an extra hatchling if she can connect her attacks.

Eve is great for any open map, but we feel her best modes are Bounty and Knockout. She can also be useful in Gem Grab, as she can use her hatchlings to seek out the enemy gem carrier.

Otis – Otis' Silent Seabed Super broke the game when he first came out, and it still is. He literally prevents enemies from being able to do anything except for movement. In some ways it's almost worse than a stun because of how helpless you'll feel when muted by him. We recommend his Stencil Glue Star Power, which will mute enemies for an additional second.

He has great range, does a lot of damage, and it's easy to aim his shots due to the way they spread out.

Ash – It's hard to close-range brawlers to find their footing in Brawl Stars sometimes. However, Ash is a warpath of destruction. He may have a delayed attack like Frank, but his rage meter makes him worth it. For all the damage he receives and deals, his rage bar will fill up, increasing his speed and damage output. He's especially useful in Duo Showdown, Brawl Ball, and Gem Grab.

Ash's Super spawns a group of robotic rats that deal damage on impact and provide extra shielding for him when going up against brawlers who don't have piercing attacks.

Fang – Fang is a close range brawler at heart, but his main attack is ranged and travels far. It may not due a lot of damage, but it does wonders for charging his super, which will let him slide-kick his way to his enemies. Up close, Fang is deadly, and he can shield himself from the first attack with his Divine Soles Star Power. You can also use his Fresh Kicks Star Power, which will recharge his Super if he manages to defeat the enemy with his previous super.

Oh, and he can stun too.


Gale – Gale is one of the most annoying brawlers to face off against in Brawl Stars. His attack is good, his star powers are all great, and his twister gadget is so clutch.  On modes like Brawl Ball or Volley Brawl, he can set up twisters where the ball sits or where it's going to land. This prevents opponents from reaching their objective, giving the old man and his teammates potential to score. He can stun, slow, and deal decent damage even when he's not up close.

Surge – Without his teleport, many were wondering what would happen to Surge. Those worries were put aside when people discovered he can now hop over walls, dealing damage as he lands. What keeps Surge out of S+ is that you have to upgrade him throughout the match. He has four stages that can be upgraded via super. When he dies, he respawns back to stage I, unless you use the Serve Ice Cold Star Power (which will respawn him at II).

Surge deals a lot of damage, and can reload ammo easily with his Power Shield gadget.

Cordelius – If his range was just a bit longer, Cordelius would easily be an S+ tier brawler. With his Comboshrooms Star Power, Cordelius' attack deals a ton of damage, so long as his attacks connect. Additionally, his shadow realm is great for saving goals in brawl ball, hunting that last enemy in Knockout, or saving yourself in a tight spot.

We also must mention his Poison Mushroom gadget, which mutes enemies for 1.0 seconds. It gives Cordelius just enough time to wipe out an enemy while they're helpless to do anything. He's easily one of the best brawlers right now, but we anticipate a nerf for him coming soon.


Lola – Perhaps one of the most underrated brawlers in the game. Her main attack has a nice spread which keeps enemies at bay. Her super, however, is very useful. She can spawn a clone that mimics her movements and attacks, which she can switch places with using her Stunt Double Star Power (while recharging 1000 HP).

She has access to the reload gear. It can be useful if matched with her Improvise Star Power (which increases her last ammo's attack by 30%).

Mandy – Mandy is the definition of Very Long Range. When standing still she fills a focus bar. With a full focus bar, her attack range increases beyond the player's screen. This is very useful for modes like Bounty, Knockout, Duels, and even Gem Grab.

Mandy's Super, Sugar Ray, is a powerful blast that literally has infinite range. It does so much damage it can even wipe out many brawlers with just one shot. We recommend her Carmelize Gadget (which slows down the opponent for 2.5 seconds) and her In My Sights Star Power (which increases her focus speed by 20%). If she had access to using a reload gear she would probably be the best ranged brawler.

Maisie – Perhaps the worst brawler in the game when she came out, Maisie is now a force to be reckoned with. Her attack speed's a bit faster, she's got a great Super, and she deals decent damage for a single-projectile brawler. We recommend her Tremors Star Power, which slows down enemies damaged by her super. But her Pinpoint Precision Star Power is also better now, dealing 20% extra damage instead of 10% at max range.

Buster – Buster has seen some buffs over the last few months. Since May of this year, Supercell increased his HP, main attack damage, super charge rate at close range, and his healing from his utility belt gadget. Overall, he's a very effective support brawlere. He charges his super by standing near teammates, which is always nice. Additionally, his Super, Montage, puts up a shield that deflects enemy attacks back to them. He's very useful in Hot Zone and Brawl Ball, and his attacks can pierce through enemies.

We recommend his Slo-Mo replay Gadget, which pulls enemies towards him and slows them for 2 seconds. It also helps that Buster deals more damage the closer he is.


Lou – Lou is almost as annoying as Gale, but he's a little more manageable to go up against. He has good range, and freezes enemies via Super or main attack. Both his star powers are really good. They can either freeze enemies standing in his Super's zone faster (Supercool) or reduce enemy damage output dependent on how frozen they are (Hypothermia).

Lou is good for almost any mode except perhaps Heist. We especially like him in Hot Zone and Bounty.

Sam – Sam is the only brawler in the game who begins with his own Super. He can launch his knuckle busters away, dealing damage while increasing his speed. Using his Hearty Recovery Star Power, he can recharge 20% of his HP by picking his knuckle busters back up. He's great for Brawl Ball, Close range Gem Grab Maps, and Hot Zone.

We recommend his Magnetic Field Gadget. It can pull enemies toward his knuckle busters. Additionally, it can pull brawlers away from the brawl ball, even if they were carrying it.

Janet – Oh, poor Janet. Almost everything about her was nerfed back in the June update. Overall, she requires a little more skill to use now. However, she has her uses. Her main attack has good range and pierces through enemies. Her Vocal Warm Up Star power increases her main attack's focus while aiming, and both of her gadgets are pretty good.

Despite Drop The Bass being nerfed, It's still good for revealing enemies and preventing them from healing. Her backstage Pass gadget is also great for getting away from surprise attacks. She's still very good in Bounty, Knockout, and Gem Grab.

Pearl – The newest brawler in Season 20 is similar to Lola and Max in terms of her main attack, which shoots multiple projectiles (6) that all spread out. Her heat bar slowly charges up, and the more it does, the more damage Pearl deals. She's also got a great Super, Let Out Some Steam, which knocks back and deals tons of damage to nearby enemies. Additionally it blows up walls, which is great for modes like Brawl Ball.

At Power Level 11, Pearl has 8400 HP, which makes her tanky, while dealing solid damage up close.


Belle – When she first came out, Belle was one of the best ranged brawlers. Her main attack range was reduced, as well as her main attack and bounce damage. She has her uses in modes like Knockout or Bounty, but people are smart to her mechanics by now. If facing a Belle, just don't stand near your teammates and she's a lot less intimidating.

While her Supers are okay, we do like her Nest Egg Gadget, which slows down enemies who stand on her bear traps.

Collette – Nobody likes taxes, except perhaps Collette. While she can't take down enemies easily, her main attack is great for taxing enemy health and giving your teammates an opportunity for a kill shot. The thing about Collette is that she needs good teammates who she can support. If there's anything we all know about Brawl Stars, is that it's hard to find good teammates.

But she can deal extra damage (Na-Ah) or heal herself (Gotcha) with her gadgets, and her Push It Star Power greatly improves her Super ability. Overall she's not bad, but she needs help.

R-T – R-T is similar to Belle because they can both mark enemies, which will increase yours or your teammates next attacks on them. However, Belle must use her super to do this while R-T's main attack can do it right away. Though it seems good, Belle's Super lasts until the enemy has fallen. R-T's main attack only lasts for a few seconds, or when they're attacked once.

His Super form is pretty good, though be careful where you use it. R-T's body splits into two and can both do an attack similar to Jacky's. Often times, we see R-T users splitting in two in unprotected spots of the map, which makes him an easy target for enemies.


Ruffs – The Colonel has an attack that can bounce on walls and has some pretty decent gadgets and star powers. However, Ruffs can only be good if his teammates are good. Anyone who's played with randoms on Brawl Stars knows the frustration that comes with doing so.

His Super launches a rocket that drops an attack and health upgrade that he or his teammates can pick up. The problem, though, is relying on your teammates to not die when they get it. If they're wiped out moments after, then Ruffs' super will have been wasted. So while the brawler himself may not belong in D Tier, it's tough to find teammates who compliment his play style.

At least he's a good boy, though.

Buzz – Buzz may be able to stun brawlers, but using him can be difficult since people have become used to his antics. His Super can be charged by standing near opponents, or by attacking. The problem with this is that you often see Buzz players sit back for too long trying to charge a super rather than attack. He can instantly charge his super using Reserve Buoy, but it won't stun enemies.

Because so many brawlers can either slow, stun, or jump away, close-range brawlers such as Buzz can have trouble trying to take down their enemy. We recommend his Eyes Sharp Star Power, which will at least increase his Super Charge zone by 33%.

That wraps it up for the Brawl Stars Chromatic Brawlers Tier List. Check out our Rare, Super RareEpic, Mythic, and Legendary Brawler Tier lists if you're interested in those too

We can't wait to see what the future of Brawl Stars holds. Until then, check out ClutchPoints Gaming for more Brawl Stars and Gaming content.