The off-season is officially under way! We have been hearing plenty of rumors circulating for the past couple of weeks that have included some big time players. Today, the first trade of the summer has been finalized.

Adrian Wojnarowski was the first to break the news just a little while ago:

Jeff Teague has been involved in numerous trade rumors for some time now. Now, he'll be sent to the Pacers to play alongside Monta Ellis and Paul George.

Indiana plans on extending Teague's contract which should come as a welcoming sign for Pacers' fans who were worried he would leave once his contract is up.

As for what each of the three teams, the Hawks, Jazz, and Pacers, were giving up in the deal, Woj had the details:

George Hill has been in Indiana since 2011 and has been a solid starting point guard for them. He's struggled the last couple of years to be a true leader for the team which led to this deal. Hopefully he'll be able to succeed as he starts his career in Utah.

The Hawks are getting a lottery pick in return for Teague which is reasonable. Dennis Schroder has stepped up for Atlanta and will slot in as the starting point guard in replace of Jeff Teague.

At this point, it's hard to say who won this trade, given the fact that the Draft has not begun yet, but it seems like Indiana is the team that has come out as the winner at this point.

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